Guidelines for International Travel

The following is intended to be used as a check-list for group travel planning and management. List items should be considered but may not be applicable. 

See: Road Accidents Are the Greatest Danger Travelers Face Abroad

Preliminary Planning and Actions

  • Trip itinerary has been fully identified.
  • Availability of all transportation required (common carriers and chartered) has been verified.
  • Emergency alternative carriers and providers have been identified.
  • Availability of all required lodging and other planned service providers has been verified.
  • American Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements have been met as applicable.
  • Lodging and transportation arrangements conform to acceptable safety standards and verified by knowledgeable person(s).
  • Contracts (or terms) of carriers and providers have been approved and secured.
  • Most recent State Department Consular Information Sheets, Public Announcements and Travel Warnings have been reviewed.
  • The need for Emergency Medical Evacuation insurance has been evaluated.
  • All necessary visas have been identified and preparations made to obtain them.
  • Deviations in final plans from advance brochures and advertisements have been identified.

Informing Participants

Participants have been informed of:

  • Complete itinerary and anticipated costs.
  • All changes from advance brochures and advertisements.
  • Possibilities for and consequences of trip cancellation or interruption.
  • Health concerns per CDC information releases.
  • Immunizations required and recommended.
  • State Department's Consular Information concerning each destination and intended routes:
    1. Entry requirements
    2. Crime and security
    3. State Department's Consular Information concerning each destination and intended routes for: a) Currency regulations; b) Political stability; c) Other significant risks disclosed
  • Currency exchange rates (recent).
  • General health, safety and security tips.
  • Cultural differences and health and safety tips specific to itinerary locations including food and drinking water warnings.
  • Names, address and telephone numbers of contact persons in countries on itinerary at Utah State University.
  • Address and phone number of U.S. Embassies for countries on itinerary.
  • Insurance coverage required or recommended (medical, evacuation, trip interruption, baggage loss, etc.)
  • University's limited responsibilities and restricted liability.
  • Need for International Drivers License if participant's driving is planned.
  • Instructions for what to do if separated from group.

Participant Documentation

The following information has been obtained from each participant as applicable:

  • Names of relatives or other persons to contact in case of an emergency.
  • Medical Insurance policy number and carrier name and address.
  • Signed Release of Liability and Parental Consent forms (if a minor).
  • A copy of the Certification of immunizations.
  • Copies of all required passports and visas .
  • Any medical conditions, allergies, medications, etc. that may need special attention in an emergency and instructions.

Monitoring Travel

The following arrangements are in place:

  • 24-hour primary and backup campus contacts for each trip.
  • Names and addresses of contact persons for each planned destination on the itinerary .
  • Plans for interim communicative contact(s) when the duration of the trip or the itinerary warrants updates.
  • Agreement on criteria that may warrant termination of the trip.