Guidelines for Departments Engaging Volunteer Services

To qualify as a University volunteer, an individual must be willing to provide services according to the University Volunteer Services policy.

All volunteers must establish proof of identity.

Prior to performing volunteer services, an individual over the age of 18 must complete and sign a Volunteer Service Agreement and provide the completed and signed form to the University department.

Prior to performing volunteer services, an individual under the age of 18 must complete and submit to the University  a Volunteer Service Agreement signed by the potential volunteer’s parent or guardian.

Prior to performing volunteer services, a criminal background check may be required, as well as the completion of all necessary training. Criminal background checks are required for all volunteers working with minors or in security-sensitive positions. See USU Policy 386 Background Checks

Any University department engaging a volunteer must collect and retain a completed and signed copy of the Volunteer Service Agreement along with any documents required by the department.  Documents must be retained by the department in accordance with University records retention guidelines.

Payment for volunteer services is not permitted under any circumstance. However, the appropriate University department has the authority to decide whether to reimburse a volunteer for actual and reasonable expenses. Any reimbursement must be made following standard University reimbursement guidelines. Reimbursement must not be used as a substitute for compensation and cannot be linked to productivity.

The University or a University volunteer may end volunteer service at any time and without notice.

Both volunteers and Utah State University agree that the intellectual property rights of original work produced by volunteers during their volunteer service, belong to Utah State University.