USU Scholarship Application

Utah State University has partnered with ScholarshipUniverse to assist you in applying for scholarships. The USU General Scholarship Application is a 'matching' system that will match you to institutional and private scholarships. Don't delay, apply now! Scholarship details (including requirements and deadlines) are outlined in the application.

Common Questions

Answers to common questions about applying for scholarships at USU can be found here. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to the USU Scholarship Team directly.

Why should I use the USU Scholarship Application instead of other search engines?

The USU Scholarship Application is a one-stop-shop for all your scholarship needs. The system reviews each scholarship before being listed, so you can apply worry free. Nearly every department on campus uses this platform to post their scholarship opportunities. If you come across any inconsistencies or concerns about a scholarship you were matched to, you can report it through the feedback option.

How do I log in to the USU Scholarship Application?

Utah State University students can log in to system with their Anumber and password by clicking on the Student Login button on this website. The first time you log in, you will have the option to provide your phone number to receive SMS text message updates regarding upcoming deadlines and other important information from USU.

Do I have to be a student at Utah State University to use the application?

Yes, you will need to be admitted to Utah State University and have your Anumber and password in order to log into the application.

What types of scholarships are available on the application?

There are several types of scholarships available! You can find scholarships based on your major, minor, college, department, academic merits, financial need, hobbies, interests, affiliations, and more. Scholarships can come from two different sources. School Scholarships are internal and are offered by various departments across campus. External Scholarships are available from sources outside of Utah State University. These can be offered from local, state, or national organizations. Every scholarship posted in the system comes from a reliable source.

How do I start using the application to find scholarships?

You first need to complete your student profile by answering several questions. These questions are designed to match you with scholarships for which you are eligible. It is recommended that you answer all profile questions before reviewing your scholarship matches.

How often should I visit the USU scholarship application?

It is recommended that you log in to the system at least once a week to stay up to date on any new scholarships that are posted and apply before their deadline. During the peak scholarship application season (typically late fall through mid-spring) it is recommended to log in more frequently.

Can I search for a specific scholarship?

Yes! Simply enter a name or department in the search tool at the top of the website. After that, you’ll want to sort by internal school scholarships, and you can further filter by selecting an organization (College) and/or department.

How many profile questions do I have to answer?

It depends! The more profile questions you answer, the more scholarships you might be matched to now and in the future. If you have new profile questions to answer, you will see a gray bar on your Dashboard. You can also view the questions you have already answered and update them by clicking on the Questions tab. Often relevant questions that need answering are found on the ‘Scholarships’ tab, under ‘Partial Matches’.

What are my chances of actually getting a scholarship?

Every year, millions of scholarship dollars are awarded to USU Aggies. While receiving a scholarship is not guaranteed, you may improve your chances by applying to as many scholarships as you can.

Can I be awarded more than one scholarship? Is there a maximum amount I can receive? How much are these scholarships typically for?

Millions of scholarship dollars are awarded to thousands of USU students every year. Award amounts vary and can typically be combined with other merit scholarships and financial aid awards. However, a student may not receive aid that exceeds their cost of attendance. If a student is offered aid that exceeds their cost of attendance, they will be considered over-awarded.

How do I request a Letter of Recommendation for a scholarship?

If a scholarship application requires that you request a Letter of Recommendation, you can do this directly through the application. Please be sure to ask your recommender before completing your application. Let them know to expect an email from Scholarship Universe with instructions on how to upload your letter.

I submitted my application already. Can I make edits to my essays or upload a different document?

The submission of a scholarship application is final and essays or any documents submitted cannot be edited. We highly recommend reviewing all documents prior to submitting your application.

When will I hear back about the scholarships I applied for?

Since each department is responsible for reviewing applications, it will vary. Generally, the review period begins once the deadline closes and most of them wrap up during the spring or early summer, or before the semester begins. If you are selected for a scholarship, you will receive an email from the system informing you of any potential next steps such as submitting a Thank You Letter.

To check the status of a scholarship, navigate to the Scholarships tab from the menu and then select the Application Submitted tab. From there, you can see the status of the scholarship you applied to. If the scholarship does not appear on this page, this means the scholarship review process has been completed for this scholarship.

I received an email stating I have to provide a Thank You Letter or Accept My Award in order to receive my scholarship. How do I do this?

Any outstanding tasks that you are required to complete such as Thank You Letters or Award Acceptance can be done directly from the system. To find action items requiring your attention, look for the Action Required section of your Dashboard.

How do I know if I am subscribed to emails and text messages?

You can check to see if you are subscribed by clicking on your name on the upper right-hand corner and clicking on Profile. You can view your Communication preferences to see if you are subscribed and adjust your preferences accordingly.