Declare Your Candidacy for a Position on the SEA Board

All SEA members are invited to consider running for one of our open Board positions for the coming fiscal year. As a Board member you will have the chance to represent staff concerns to administration, help recognize outstanding employees, provide opportunities for employees to continue their education and professional development through scholarships and training opportunities, communicate staff concerns to the State legislature by working closely with university legislative liasons, and help staff connect with each other in meaningful ways. Unless otherwise noted, positions are a two-year commitment and open to any USU benefited staff member regardless of campus location. (All regular meetings are also offered via Zoom.)

  • President Elect (3 year term)
  • Treasurer, Junior (must meet minimum requirements)
  • Secretary, Junior
  • Benefits & Staff Welfare Committee, Incoming (3 year term)
  • Employee Development Committee, Junior
  • Employee Recognition Committee, Junior
  • Employee Connections, Junior
  • Research & Evaluation Committee, Junior
  • Media & Public Relations Committee, Junior
  • Statewide Campus & Extension Committee, Junior (must be located on a Statewide campus or Extension office)

Preparing to Declare Your Candidacy
To complete your declaration you will need the following:
  1. The name of the position for which you want to run.
  2. A brief introductory statement (1-2 paragraphs) about why you are interested in the position, the experience you bring to the table, etc.

Staff members can only declare their own candidacy for open positions. If you are considering throwing your hat into the ring as a candidate, please talk to your supervisor to get their support for your potential extra service commitment.

If you know of someone you feel would be a good candidate for one of the open positions on the board, please either reach out to them directly, or complete the form on this page, encouraging them to consider running for a specific position and declare their candidacy.

Declaring your candidacy should not be made lightly, as there is a regular time commitment and in some cases a heavier commitment during certain times of the year. You can review requirements and estimated time commitments on our Get Involved page.

Please note that USU Eastern Chapter representatives are managed according to chapter procedures.

Additional Information

You can learn more about these positions and the people you'd be working with by reviewing this additional information. Feel free to reach out to current board members with any questions you have about the role you are interested in.

Encourage Someone to Run for Office

Know someone with the enthusiasm and know-how to serve on the SEA Board? Encourage them to run by submitting their name, email, and the position(s) you feel they'd be perfect for, with this form!

They will receive an email with your encouragement. You can do this anonymously, or you can choose to include your name in the "Why do you think they should run?" section.

Please include your proposed candidate's work email so we can contact them about considering adding their name to our ballot.
*Position(s) You Feel The Proposed Candidate Should Consider
Let your proposed candidate know why you think they'd be the perfect person to run for this position!