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The Student Money Management Center helps students assess where they are at financially and make plans for where they want to be and what they want to accomplish. We provide free, one-on-one coaching sessions to USU students.

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Create a Monthly Budget

Increase your Revenue

Decrease your Expenses

Create a Yearlong Plan to Pay for College

Learn the Pros and Cons of Student Loans

Learn about Debt Repayment Plans

I met with the money management center when I was worried about how to pay for my fall tuition. They lended an empathetic ear while I explained my unique financial situation, then he explained what financial assets I do have access to and what cost saving strategies I could utilize to maximize my dollar. They didn't rush my appointment at all and assured me that although I'm in a tough situation there was a way to pay for my last semester of school. I found the visit to the money management center to be very beneficial and it assisted me in making my financial decision for fall semester.

Angelica F.


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