Faculty and Departments

Faculty and Staff

USU is committed to providing academic excellence and creating an optimal learning environment for all Aggies. Diversity of thought and culture enhances learning experiences for everyone, and it prepares our students for becoming global citizens. We also encourage critical thinking and honor the freedom of expression as a foundation for civil dialogue and a deeper understanding of social issues.

Through Think, Care, Act USU hopes to cultivate a caring community based on the principles of diversity, human dignity, and social responsibility. We, however, cannot create a strong campus culture without your help in the classrooms. You can ensure the principles of community have a real impact on the culture of our community by integrating them into your academic curriculum. We hope you join our movement. Please contact us to share ways you could incorporated Think, Care, Act ideas.

Programs and Departments

Many departments organize events and lectures connected to the spirit of Aggies Think, Care, Act or its principles of community. We can be the consistent message that ties all these programming across campus and help promote those events. Please let us know if your events fit with the Think, Care, Act mission so we can help you broaden your reach. We also welcome proposals for partnership and co-sponsorship for events that further our goals.