Utah State University Principles of Community

The Principles of Community support Utah State University’s commitment to excellence, access, and inclusion. Historically, not all individuals have had the same access to and support in higher education and its benefits. Land-grant universities like USU serve an essential role in bridging these gaps.

Additionally, the university recognizes that a sense of belonging plays an important role in academic success, yet those with an underrepresented identity tend to report a lower sense of belonging. The following principles reinforce our belief that it is our university’s social responsibility to provide access to higher education and resources that empower everyone to succeed.


We celebrate differences in values and beliefs, backgrounds, cultures, and identities and strive to provide a sense of belonging in our campus communities where all Aggies can thrive.

Human Dignity

We affirm the inherent dignity and value of each individual in our university community and are committed to freedom of expression and respectful dialogue.

Social Responsibility

We are each responsible to be Upstanders, who create a healthy and inclusive campus community through advocacy, service, civic engagement, and sustainable practices.


Pledge to uphold USU's Principles of Community and look for ways in your everyday life to put the principles into action.
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