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Changes to USU's Title IX Oversight

Scott Bodily has been appointed as interim Title IX Coordinator for USU.

During a recent press conference about abuse and misconduct in the music department, I announced changes to address sexual misconduct and gender-discrimination across campus. One change I am making is to the leadership of USU’s Title IX office. 

Stacy Sturgeon was removed as Title IX Coordinator, and USU will hire a new person to fill this position. The position will be posted shortly. 

In the meantime, Scott Bodily will serve as interim Title IX Coordinator. Bodily has served as an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Specialist since March 2017. Prior to that, Bodily served as a detective with the Logan City Police Department for seven years, and he coordinated police investigations for rape, homicide and child abuse.

More changes are coming to the Title IX office as well. We also plan to hire additional staff, including a prevention specialist. These changes will help us more effectively prevent future sexual misconduct and ensure the safety of our campus. 

I appreciate your patience as we make these changes. 

I value the safety and well-being of everyone in our campus community, and our university offers several resources to help those who have experienced sexual misconduct. Please learn more about these resources at

Best regards,

Noelle E. Cockett

Contact: Amanda DeRito, Sexual Misconduct Information Coordinator, Public Relations and Marketing | Utah State University, | 435-797-2759

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