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Note: links on this page lead to websites from organizations other than UATP.

Technology has enormous potential to improve the lives of people with disabilities, and yet information technology can be a terrible barrier if it is not designed to be accessible. Here are some resources dedicated to helping web developers—and the average person—make sure their communication can be received by all.

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Web Accessibility Resources

WebAIM, like UATP, is located in Utah State University’s Intitute for Disability Research, Policy & Practice. It offers training, technical assistance, accessible site certification and evaluation. It also offers free resources, a blog and a newsletter.

WebAIM also created Inclusive Design: Bring Web Accessibility to Your Nonprofit for the MacArthur Foundation, aimed at helping nonprofits create accessible websites and other materials. 

Resources for using social media, the web and communication apps

  • This guide offers advice for people with developmental disabilities on using social media
  • This blog post lists communication apps, compares their strengths and identifies accessibility features.
  • Apple offers built-in accessibility features in the iPhone for vision, hearing, mobility and cognitive disabilities.

Tips for Creating Accessible Materials

  • The Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning offers this guide for creating accessible materials. In addition to best practices, it includes links to resources from several companies regarding their accessibility resources.
  • The MacArthur Foundation has created a guide for nonprofits (and others) on creating inclusive materials. The “Start with Yourself” section includes advice on creating content, multimedia resources more.
  • The National Center on Accessible Educational Materials  provides resources and technical assistance for educators, parents, students, publishers, conversion houses, accessible media producers, and others.
  • The National Center on Disability and Access to Education offers cheat sheets for creating accessible materials, from text documents to YouTube videos.

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