Device Reuse, Statewide

A woman repairs a wheelchair

The repurposing of assistive technology helps families find affordable AT while keeping devices out of the landfill. The Utah Assistive Technology Program does this in Logan, the Uintah Basin and Salt Lake City. Reuse of devices between private individuals is also facilitated statewide through our partner AT4All website.

Salt Lake City

  • UATP’s Salt Lake City facility specializes in mobility devices. It accepts donated equipment, refurbishes it and transfers it back to people who need it for an affordable fee, often less than an insurance deductible.
  • To donate a device or see what items are available, contact Robert Remund.
  • For more information on how to donate or receive a device, visit our Salt Lake City page.

Logan and the Uintah Basin

  • Our facilities in Logan and the Uintah Basin accept donated equipment of all types, then help find new homes for it.
  • To donate or find out what devices are available, contact Dan O'Crowley in Logan or Cameron Cressall in the Uintah Basin.
  • Service fees may apply.

Customization (available in Logan and the Uintah Basin)

  • The Utah Assistive Technology Program offers customization services to people who may need a low-cost, personalized solution to their needs. This is important because sometimes devices off-the-shelf are not affordable, not practical or not quite the right fit.
  • UATP can bridge the gap between an existing device and a need, or build a device from the ground up.
  • Two laboratories specialize in customization. To find out more, contact Dan O'Crowley in Logan and Cameron Cressall in the Uintah Basin.

Financing Options

  • Small grants may be available for families unable to pay the service fee if they meet income guidelines (150 percent of poverty) and have exhausted all other options.
  • For more information visit our AT financing page.

Statewide Device Exchange: AT4All

Do you have a gently used device to sell or give away? Do you need a gently used device? The Utah Assistive Technology Program offers AT4All, helping Utahns access the equipment they need, regardless of where they live in the state.