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Frequently Asked Questions about Science Unwrapped

What is Science Unwrapped?

Science Unwrapped is the College of Science’s public science outreach program. During the school year, Science Unwrapped hosts monthly gatherings featuring a science lecture, followed by hands-on learning activities and refreshments.

How much is admission to Science Unwrapped?

Science Unwrapped is free.

Who is Science Unwrapped for?

Science Unwrapped is for inquiring minds of all ages. Our guests range from preschoolers to senior citizens.

Where is Science Unwrapped held and where can I park?

Science Unwrapped is held in the Emert Auditorium of the Eccles Science Learning Center on USU’s Logan campus. For directions and parking information, please visit our “Who, When, Where” page.

Where can I see a schedule of upcoming Science Unwrapped events?

Please view our Upcoming Events page.

How long does the lecture portion of Science Unwrapped last?

Lectures are 45 minutes, followed by about 10 minutes of audience questions.

What if my young child becomes restless during the Science Uwrapped talk?

No worries: hearing about science is a learned pleasure! You’re welcome to exit the auditorium and enjoy the coloring table in the lobby and then join in the hands-on learning activities in the atrium, which follow the lecture.

Is Science Unwrapped accessible?

Yes. Please check with our Science Ambassadors (wearing blue College of Science shirts) in the auditorium lobby for assistance.

What kinds of topics does Science Unwrapped cover?

All kinds of topics. Since our founding in 2009, we’ve covered space, anatomy, robots, climate, black holes, epidemics… Topics during our 2019-2020 series focus on food and nutrition science.

I missed a Science Unwrapped or I want to see one again. Are your presentations recorded?

Yes. You can view and access a list of past presentations on our Presentations page.

I’m a teacher and I’d like for my students to attend Science Unwrapped. Do you provide some kind of paper showing proof of attendance?

Yes. Students may pick up slips in the auditorium lobby following the presentation.

Who conducts the hands-on learning activities following the lecture?

Science Unwrapped benefits from volunteers from many different organizations. Some of our volunteers are USU students from varied student science, engineering, education and service organizations. Some of our volunteers are from community organizations. (They are all AWESOME and provide great learning activities!)

How can I learn about volunteering for Science Unwrapped?

We’d LOVE to talk with you. Please visit our Volunteer with Science Unwrapped page for information.

Who organizes Science Unwrapped?

Science Unwrapped is led by a committee with representatives from each academic department in USU’s College of Science.

Other questions?

Please contact us with any questions..