Sexual Assault

The Sexual Assault spoke seeks to end sexual violence in our state by uniting individuals and organizations to educate, empower, and activate Utahns in this cause. Sexual assault and rape result in significant individual societal costs including negative short- and long-term physical, psychological, and emotional effects. Research reports that Utah ranks poorly (43 of 51) in terms of the prevalence of rape victimization among women and that we are 9th of the 50 US states for the number of rapes per capita. Further, only 11.8% of individuals who have experienced rape or sexual assault in Utah reported the crime to law enforcement. Things need to change in Utah! To learn more, listen to the spoke leaders discuss the work on this 15-minute podcast.

Spoke Leaders

Liliana Olvera-Arbon

Liliana Olvera-Arbon

Executive Director, UCASA

Liliana Olvera-Arbon is the Executive Director of the Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault. She has over 10 years’ experience working in social services and envisions a world free of gender-based violence.   

Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Bethany Crisp

Bethany Crisp

Outreach Coordinator, UCASA
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Bethany Crisp is the Outreach Coordinator for the Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault. She volunteers in the community with the Court Appointed Special Advocate Program and as a victim advocate for The Refuge Utah.

Gary Scheller

Gary Scheller

Director, UOVC

Gary Scheller is the Director of the Utah Office for Victims of Crime (UOVC). UOVC provides financial compensation for victims of crime and administers and monitors Victim of Crime Act Compensation and Assistance grants and Violence Against Women grants.

Utah Office for Victims of Crime (UOVC)

Bold Vision & Goals

To make Utah a place where more girls and women can thrive, the Sexual Assault spoke leaders and partners have crafted the vision and goals below. Spoke leadership and UWLP team members are currently working to collect baseline data that will assist in adding numbers to the changes we want to see by 2026 and 2030.

Vision: End sexual assault in Utah. 

  1. Increase the number of programs that are meeting the minimum standard of care set by the coalition to have 80% compliance by 2026 and 100% compliance by 2030. 
  2. Increase the number of victim service activities by 10% in 2026 and by 25% in 2030. [Data Forthcoming]
  3. Increase state sexual assault prevention funding by 50% by 2026 and 75% by 2030
  4. Increase awareness of sexual assault in Utah. [Data Forthcoming]
  5. Increase understanding among Utahns of the definition of sexual assault. [Data Forthcoming]
  6. Increase sentiment of personal responsibility around preventing sexual assault among Utahns. [Data Forthcoming]
  7. Increase awareness of available resources for sexual assault victims. [Data Forthcoming]




The Refuge Utah

Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Utah Commission on Criminal & Juvenile Justice

Utah Department of Health and Human Services

Utah Department of Workforce Services

Utah Domestic Violence Coalition

Utah Office for Victims of Crime



Get Engaged: Are you and/or your organization interested in being involved in the Sexual Assault spoke? If so, contact Bethany Crisp ( with details about you/your entity and the current or future efforts you believe are aligned with this work. Other ways to get engaged include learning about sexual violence in your community and encouraging your workplace, community organization, or club to hold a sexual violence prevention training; being a leader in your community by starting a conversation with your family and friends about consent and encouraging education on consent in your circles; and volunteering with UCASA or a local rape crisis center. Thank you for your interest!