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The mission of the Utah Women & Leadership Project is to strengthen the impact of Utah girls and women. We serve Utah and its residents by 1) producing relevant, trustworthy, and applicable research; 2) creating and gathering valuable resources; and 3) convening trainings and events that inform, inspire, and ignite growth and change for all Utahns.

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An Analysis of Utah Media: Women & Politics

As women’s political presence and influence have slowly continued to increase, the way they have been represented in the media has also evolved. The purpose of this brief is to bring to light how the media portrays female political figures in Utah.


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A Conversation on the Impact of COVID-19 on Utah Women and Work
The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020–2021 has impacted all Utahns in profound ways. To better understand Utah women’s experiences specifically, UWLP researchers conducted an extensive, in-depth survey focusing on the impacts of COVID-19 on women and work.  Study researchers will discuss the findings from this research, particularly focusing on burnout, hope, career advancement challenges, childcare, homeschooling, caregiver experiences, physical and mental health struggles, and more. 
2021 Utah Women's Organizations Network (UWON) Gathering (invitation only)

This event is by invitation only for leaders of a women’s network, group, or organization in Utah and is co-hosted by the Utah Women & Leadership Project and One Utah Roadmap (Utah Governor’s Office). The Younique Foundation will be sponsoring the 2021 UWON gathering, and it will be held on Friday, September 17, 2021 (11:30am-2:00pm) at their location near Thanksgiving Point in Lehi. We welcome one representative from each group to attend.

A Fireside Chat with Lt. Governor Deidre Henderson on Women and Leadership

Deidre M. Henderson, Utah’s ninth Lieutenant Governor, is well-recognized in Utah for her political leadership for eight years in the Utah State Senate. She gained a reputation as a strong conservative, a champion for government transparency, and a vocal advocate for women and families. In this engaging fireside chat, she will respond to questions about her own leadership development journey and provide her insights and perspectives on why, where, and how women today are needed to influence, impact, and lead in all settings.