Workforce Development

The Workforce Development spoke focuses on identifying, creating, and clearing pathways for women into better jobs. Utah women have traditionally experienced high levels of occupational segregation, with large percentages of the total female workforce in roles that offer low pay, little prestige, and minimal room for advancement. Many women also take career breaks and need support in entering the labor market as returning adults. The Workforce Development spoke will include educational providers, community organizations, employers, government entities, and individuals with lived experience dedicated to helping women prepare for the careers that are best for them, in a wide variety of industries and sectors. The goal is for more Utah women to be able to find sustainable and significant ways to provide financially for themselves and their families. To learn more, listen to the spoke leaders discuss the work on this 15-minute podcast.

Spoke Leaders

Robbyn Scribner

Robbyn Scribner

Co-Founder, Tech-Moms
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Robbyn Scribner is a women's labor force expert, consultant, and career coach. She is Co-Founder and Director of Outreach for Tech-Moms, a workforce reentry program that helps women transition into the tech industry. 

Tech-MomsPeople Helping People

Kathryn Thomas

Kathryn Thomas

Executive Director, PHP
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Kathryn Thomas is the Executive Director of People Helping People, a local grassroots non-profit employment program that teaches women how to navigate barriers that hold them back from workplace success.

Bold Vision & Goals

To make Utah a place where more girls and women can thrive, the Workforce Development spoke leaders and partners have crafted the vision and goals below. Spoke leadership and UWLP team members are currently working to collect baseline data that will assist in adding numbers to the changes we want to see by 2026 and 2030.

Vision: Increase the confidence and competence of all Utah women so they can find successful employment that works for themselves and their families. 


  1. Increase number and percentage of women in high quality roles within high growth industries. [Data forthcoming]
  2. Increase the number of companies offering formal return-to-work positions to 15 by 2026 and 30 by 2030. [Metric]
  3. Increase the percentage of quality part-time jobs that are available. [Data forthcoming]
  4. Increase the percentage of low-income, single mothers, women who have experienced violence or trauma, women from underserved populations, etc. receive restorative opportunities and stay continuously employed for at least one year. We seek to increase this percentage of women by 7% year over year. [Metric]
  5. Increase awareness of resources for women to attain a quality job. [Data forthcoming]
  6. Increase confidence in women of their employability.  [Data forthcoming]
  7. Improve attitudes around employment in women in any circumstance. [Data forthcoming]
  8. Improve perception of Utah as a place to find quality employment. [Data forthcoming]



People Helping People

Salt Lake Chamber

Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity

USU Extension - Remote Online Initiative

Industry Partners

Salt Lake Community College

University of Utah

Utah Valley University

Utah Department of Workforce Services

Return Utah

Utah System of Higher Education

Weber State University

Utah Women in Trades

Utah Division of Human Resource Management

Women of the World







Get Engaged: Are you and/or your organization interested in being involved in the Workforce Development spoke? If so, contact Kathryn Thomas ( with details about you/your entity and the current or future efforts you believe are aligned with this work. Other ways to get engaged include partnering with us if you’re an organization working in this space and already running workforce development programs and initiatives that will help women; help us build connections with great employers that are committed to recruiting, hiring, developing, promoting, and retaining women at all levels for their organizations; and spread the word among women in your circle that will benefit from workforce development programs and resources. Thank you for your interest!