Event Recap - How Women Rise: Break the 12 Habits Holding You Back

On October 29th, the Utah Women & Leadership Project hosted a discussion with Sally Helgesen who draws on her work with legendary executive coach Marshall Goldsmith to help women identify and address the habits most likely to get in their way as they seek to move to a higher level. Women’s distinctive strengths and behaviors provide them with many advantages. Yet the very habits that help them early in their careers can hold them back as they seek to rise. Using vivid real-life examples that resonate and inspire, Sally helps participants:

  • Identify how specific habits may hinder them as they move to a higher level.
  • Initiate simple behavioral changes that can smooth their path going forward.
  • Hold themselves accountable for changes that can benefit them and their organizations.
  • Become a more powerful resource for other women seeking to rise.

Watch the full recording to learn more about the provided insights, intended for men and women, surrounding what can hold women back and can help us all become more informed and effective supporters of female colleagues.

You can also find more recordings of our past events on our website. 


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