Event Recap - Strengthening Your Emotional Health as Women

On November 12th, the Utah Women & Leadership Project hosted a lively and engaging discussion with a panel of therapists, authors, and experts on strengthening your emotional health as women. Julie Hanks, Tiffany Roe, and Melanie Davis discuss the overall components of emotional wellbeing, trends in women’s mental health, and many of the top challenges that women are facing today. They share their professional insights on top strategies and tools that can help women move from enduring to thriving. More than ever before, our emotional health as women is critical to being able to not just “get through” or “endure” the responsibilities of a myriad of life roles but be able to flourish and thrive. 

Watch the full recording to learn more about how challenges related to things like stress, exhaustion, perfectionism, depression, anxiety, and the feeling of not being “good enough” can halt your positive growth and development. 

You can also find more recordings of our past events on our website. 


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