August 2022 Newsletter


I have a number of Utah Women & Leadership Project (UWLP) announcements for August:

First, we are pleased to announce the release of a new research snapshot titled “Sexual Assault Among Utah Women: A 2022 Update” (with Dr. Julie L. Valentine and Dr. Leslie W. Miles). Additionally, we released a research brief a few weeks ago titled “The Status of Women Leaders in Utah Public Education (K–12): A 2022 Update” (with Hannah Payne and Kim Buesser). Thanks to all of these researchers for partnering and volunteering with the UWLP.

Second, we have three free events coming up in the Fall (RSVP online):

  1. How Women Can Budget to Survive Inflation (Workshop with Amanda Christensen): Aug. 31, Noon-1:00pm; Virtual
  2. The Status & Experiences of Utah Women of Color (Panel with Nubia Pena, Sui Lang Panoke, Paula Smith, Lillian Tsosie-Jensen, Jessi Hill, and Ze Min Xiao): Sep. 15, Noon-1:15pm; Virtual
  3. Hacks to Help Women Maximize Income and Minimize Expenses (Workshop with Vincenza Vicari-Bentley): Nov. 9, Noon-1:00pm; Virtual

Third, the UWLP team held 11 community conversations with women of color around the state on their experiences, and a summary of these discussions are included in a series of short reportsWe released three last month and today are releasing the last three conversation summaries:

  1. The Experiences of Utah Latinas
  2. The Experiences of Utah Indigenous Women
  3. The Experiences of New American Women in Utah

Fourth, in partnership with Utah Public Radio we have released two new podcast episodes titled “Utah Women and STEM: A 2022 Update” and “The Status & Experiences of Utah Asian Women.”

Fifth, the Women’s Equality Dashboard that we released a couple of months ago now has data for all 17 indicators.  The interactive dashboard is related to the “Women’s Equality in Utah: Why Utah Is Ranked as the Worst State, and What Can Be Done” report released in December 2021. This Women’s Equality Dashboard tracks the data in the report and how we can change our rankings if we implement the recommendations. See each indicator page for more specifics. Thanks to USU Data Analytics faculty members (Lianne Wappett, Polly Conrad, and Carly Fox) and their amazing students for their work creating this.

Sixth, we would like to make you aware of a new resource from KUER and PBS Utah called “She Votes Utah.” The focus of the new initiative is to help voter turnout among Utah women by sharing voter resources, political news, and a little historical context to give Utah women the chance to make informed decisions when they vote. You can subscribe to the newsletter here.

Seventh, here are some of our partners’ upcoming events:

Finally, check out some key articles and media published this past month:

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Enjoy August!


Prof./Dr. Susan R. MadsenInaugural Karen Haight Huntsman Endowed Professor of LeadershipDirector, Utah Women & Leadership ProjectJon M. Huntsman School of BusinessUtah State University

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August 2022 Newsletter

The August 2022 Newsletter for the Utah Women & Leadership Project highlights new resources released, editorials, and announcements about women's groups and partnerships.

Sexual Assault Among Utah Women: A 2022 Update

With the high rates of sexual assault in Utah, continued research on adult and child sexual assault cases is critically important. Research can inform both practice and policy to improve care for sexual assault survivors and reduce sexual violence through...