Resources Beyond Utah

There are many resources beyond the borders of our state that can also support the development of Utah girls and women, as well as help us engage and assist others in the United States and beyond.  



Although there are many leadership frameworks, models, and theories, the majority of them were developed by men and are based on male-normed assumptions. There is clearly a gap in the literature in terms of individual and organizational leadership theories that focus on women. Thus, we are not able to answer important leadership questions confidently and the demand for insights about women and leadership continues to increase. To help address this gap, two scholars (Drs. Susan R. Madsen & Julia Storberg-Walker) are leading a movement to advance women and leadership theory worldwide. Drs. Ann Austin, Carole Elliot, and Valerie Stead, along with others, have also been heavily involved with this work. First, we organized a three-day women and leadership theory building colloquium (May 18-20, 2014) that catalyzed the refinement and creation of scholarly theories, generated focused and sustained research agendas, and advanced the next generation of research related to women’s leadership and leadership development for girls and women. Many other gatherings (e.g., preconferences, post-conference sessions, workshops, think tanks) have also been held. The movement has been successful through mobilizing new and established scholars toward theorizing and theory development, connecting scholars from different institutions and disciplines, and stimulating rigorous and sustained scholarly research.

Latest Publication: The Women and Leadership Theory Think Report (George Washington University, May 23, 2017)

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