The USU Writing Center

Our crew consists of 50–70 undergraduate and graduate students who come from all corners of campus and study 47 unique majors, minors, and emphases. All of our tutors are passionate about supporting writers and creating an inclusive, welcoming environment. 

If writing, researching, and helping others are your passions, we'd love for you to join us!


Application Deadlines

Keep an eye on Aggie Handshake and our website for new job postings.

Applications for Fall Semester

We hire for the fall semester during the spring. Tutoring positions are usually posted at the end of March, and applications are due within the first two weeks of April.

Applications for Spring Semester

We hire for the spring semester during the fall. Tutoring positions are usually posted the second week of November, and applications are due around Thanksgiving. 


Application Requirements

As a USU Writing Center tutor, you will assist students of all disciplines to improve writing through one-with-one discussion. Experience in working/learning in an online environment is an asset. Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • positive attitude
  • friendly and professional demeanor
  • mimimum of 3.2 GPA
  • experience participating in a USU writing center session
  • completion of English 2010
  • three or more semesters left at USU (some exceptions apply)
  • availability for training meetings on Thursdays 3:30–4:20pm and staff meetings on second Mondays of the month 4:00–5:00pm

We are especially in need of tutors to work in our Science Writing Center.

Include your A-number, projected graduation date, and major/minor at the top of your 


What to Expect: Hours and Scheduling

Our tutors choose the hours they work. Most work 5–10 hours per week, but they can work up to 27 hours per week for all USU jobs combined.

Tutors dedicate approximately 25% of their tutoring time to online tutoring (Zoom or Written Feedback) and the remainder to in-person tutoring. Science Writing Center tutors work approx. 50% of their hours at the SWC (in-person or online). These expectations are flexible.

In-person tutoring

Our in-person writing centers are open from ~9:30am–4:30pm, Monday through Friday. In-person shifts are fixed, weekly commitments each semester. In-person tutoring begins the second week of the semester and ends the last day of classes. Our on-campus centers are closed for school holidays as well as finals week. Tutors are paid for every shift they work. There is no in-person tutoring during the summer.

Online tutoring

Online tutoring is open from 6am–11pm, Monday through Sunday. Tutors choose their online tutoring base schedule (i.e., the weekly shift openings) at the beginning of each semester, but they may open or close appointments as needed. Online tutoring is available the first week of school through the last day of finals week, including holidays. Tutors are only paid for the online appointments they complete. Summer online tutoring is by invitation only.


What to Expect: Tutor Education

New tutors enroll in a practicum course (ENGL 4910) during their first semester of employment. This one-credit course is taught on Thursdays from 3:30–4:20pm. In this class, we think critically about writing and tutoring as we engage in discussions, hands-on experiences, software training, and observations.

We hold staff meetings on the second Monday of every month from 4:00–5:00pm. Science Writing Center tutors have an additional staff meeting on the third Monday of the month at the same time. In these meetings, we share experiences, explore tutoring techniques, review assignment descriptions, and discuss writing center theory.

Ours tutors regularly participate in peer observations, director observations, and co-tutoring.

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Application and Interview Tips

Schedule an appointment. We believe that all writers—including strong ones—benefit from discussing their writing. Before your interview, drop by for a session. Let your tutor know that you're applying for the job! 

Study our mission statement. We are passionate about our mission

Customize your resume. If you need help with your application materials, visit the Career Design Center and utilize their resources.

Respond to emails promptly. Timeliness is important to us. Please respond to our emails within one business day. Plan on arriving to your interview a few minutes early. 

Be ready to chat about your ENGL 1010/2010 experience. We want to hear about your college writing experiences during your interview. Because we serve a large number of ENGL 1010 and ENGL 2010 students, we especially want to hear about your experiences from those courses. Who were your instructors? What did you write about for your research papers? If you took general education English courses at another university, that's ok! We'll still want to hear about them.


The Writing Center itself has the most beautiful community and atmosphere! Working here has given me the support, encouragement, and extra push to challenge myself and open up with some incredible people. My coworkers and directors are phenomenal!

Erica Snow, Tutor