Freelance Editors

Please note: This directory lists editors who have expressed a desire to take on freelance editing work, and is provided for your convenience in finding an editor, should you need one. Any contract for work is between you and the editor, and the Writing Center does not accept any responsibility for the result of such contracts.

Elizabeth Benson


Elizabeth Benson has a BA and an MA in English and has taught academic and persuasive writing at USU for seven years. She has experience writing and editing academic, creative, and professional texts including, but not limited to, theses, dissertations, academic journal articles, essays, creative nonfiction, poetry, fiction, grants, resumes, etc. She welcomes the opportunity to work on a variety of projects in various genres.

Erik Thalman

Contact:; Cell: (435) 512-7689

Erik Thalman is completing a Master's degree in Literature and Writing at USU and has Bachelor's degrees in both English and Spanish. He has edited work for a number of professors in the language department and has been working as a freelance editor for some time now. Erik will take any project in any discipline as long as it's prose and needs the attention of his skills.

Lezlie Branum


Lezlie Branum has BS and MA degrees in Literary Studies. She worked as a Rhetoric Associate for two years and co-taught the tutor-training seminar during her second year. She worked for Georgetown University's Asian Studies Department as an editor for two years, and edited Korean Comfort Women of World War II by Dr. Bonnie Oh and Dr. Margaret Stetz. While working at Dongguk University in Seoul, she worked as an editor for the English Language Research Center. She has done freelance editing work (including creative, academic, and ESL texts) for faculty and private clients for over twelve years. She teaches academic and persuasive writing.

Madison Neuner


Madison Neuner has a BS in English from Utah State University. She worked as a Citizen Scholar intern for USU for almost two years, aiding in the organization of several conferences. During this time, she worked with 80+ students to prepare them for their presentations and assist in the publication of their academic papers. Her position as supervisor and writing consultant at the USU Writing Center has provided her with many opportunities to guide students through all stages of the writing process and refine their writing skills. Madison also has experience planning training meetings, coordinating daily writing center activities, and creating tutoring schedules, among other administrative tasks.

Robert Heaton


Robert has five years of experience as a freelance editor, writer, and translator. He has an MA in English and a BA in English and Spanish translation and has worked with a wide range of content, from creative writing and other classroom assignments to corporate technical patents and non-native speakers' dissertations. Robert is willing to work on any stage of a project, from planning and writing to editing and proofreading, with reasonable rates determined on a per-project basis.

Christina Walker


Editing experience and interests: Theses, dissertations, articles, books, websites, business and technical documents, fiction, poetry, and other creative and academic writing.

Christina received her Bachelor's Degree in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing at USU, with additional classes in the Professional and Technical Writing track. She worked as a Rhetoric Associate writing tutor at USU for two years and as the SEO copy assistant editor for the marketing department of a large online retailer. She has editing experience in various and creative genres, as well as technical and business documents, including research articles, manuals, and newsletters. She is comfortable composing and editing a wide range of documents and is familiar with several style guides.

Meghan Voss


Meghan Voss, M.Ed., received her B.A. in English from Brigham Young University and her Master's of Education from the University of Maryland. She also completed the National Writing Project while living in Maryland. A former teacher, Meghan taught writing and language arts skills for eight years before branching out into freelance writing and editing. She has written for an award-winning academic website, and she has edited everything from short stories to graduate level essays to professional journal articles and even textbooks.

Kaely Horton


Kaely Horton is a college writing instructor and former writing center coordinator at Oregon State University. She has an MFA in writing, an MA in English, and over nine years of experience working with students on a range of writing projects, including cover letters, personal statements, grant proposals, journal articles, and award applications. She specializes in helping students with theses and dissertations, personal statements, cover letters, and CVs.