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USU Volunteers Pick Excess Fruit and Veggies in Cache Valley

The Utah State University Gleaning Team is picking fruits and vegetables from trees and gardens in Cache Valley as part of a collaborative effort through the USU Val R. Christensen Service Center, USU Extension and the Student Sustainability Office. Volunteers come together and work to reduce food waste in Cache Valley and provide nutritious food for students and community members alike. 

Anyone who owns, or rents property, or knows someone with fruit trees that produce excess fruit, the USU Gleaning team can come and pick the excess produce that would have otherwise gone to waste. To sign up a tree or become a volunteer, visit the links below.

The produce will be portioned into thirds, one-third given back to the tree owner, one-third donated to the Cache Community Food Pantry and one-third donated to the USU SNAC pantry. 

Don’t have fruit trees but still want to be involved? Sign up as a volunteer! Volunteers will be needed to help pick fruit from mid-July to the end of the season. Contact the USU Gleaning Team at or 435-797-0972 for more information.

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