Employee "Train-the-Trainer" Food Safety Workshop

This workshop is designed to provide the attendee with insight into how employees are key to the success of any food safety and quality program. It applies food science, behavioral science, and organizational culture to focus on both the process and the person performing the process.


Part 1. Introduction

Part 2. Foundations of Food Safety

Part 3. Introduction to Behavior (Behavior Safety)

Part 4. Employee Behavioral Food Safety

Part 5. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Part 6. Attitudes, Culture, and Communication

Part 7. Motivation

Part 8. Consequences

Part 9. Management Behavioral Food Safety

Part 10. Incorporate Behavior into Food Safety Programs

Part 11. The Concept of a Food Safety "Culture"

Your Instructor

Dr. Brian Nummer is the Extension Food Safety Specialist and an Associate Professor in the Department of Nutrition, Dietetics & Food Sciences at Utah State University. His specialty is retail and foodservice food safety. Working in retail and foodservice has provided him exposure to many food commodities. He directs a food safety manager certification program and has an active outreach-based research program, including serving as Director of the Retail Foodservice Food Safety Consortium. Dr. Nummer serves as a western U.S. food process authority and HACCP coordinator for the state of Utah. He has authored over 40 publications, including peer-reviewed publications, book chapters, abstracts, fact sheets and newsletter articles. Dr. Nummer serves as program Chair for the Conference for Food Protection (2008-2010) and is active in the Institute for Food Technologists, Association of Food and Drug Officials, and International Association for Food Protection. Dr. Nummer received his PhD from Clemson University and has worked at the U.S. EPA, University of Georgia, and Tennessee Tech University.

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