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Admission Requirements

USU is regarded as one of the country’s premier higher-education research institutions. We offer award-winning faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and career-driven degree programs. Start your degree path and apply now.

If you are unable to take the ACT/SAT due to COVID-19, please email our Director of Admissions to discuss other admissions options.

Select an applicant type below to learn more about how to apply.


If you've never attended a college or university before, excluding USU concurrent enrollment.


If you've attended any college or university after high school graduation.


Been an Aggie before? Learn about how to readmit to Utah State University.

Concurrent Enrollment

Take USU classes at your local high school to get a jump start on your degree.


Have already completed a bachelor's degree and intend to obtain a graduate level degree. 


International students are applicants who are from outside of the United States.

Home School

If you completed your secondary education at home or part of a home school organization.


If you just want to take classes for personal development or to transfer somewhere else, you can apply as a non-degree student.


Intending on obtaining a certificate from USU or an outside agency, you'll need to contact your department.

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Admissions Index

Your Index Score is Important

A combination of your GPA and ACT/SAT test score determines eligibility for admission and scholarships. If your scores land in the shaded region below, you should qualify for admission into Utah State University.

View the scholarship index for more info


Stay on Top of It

Application Checklist

Here is the process for applying to Utah State University. Once you are done, check out our what's next guide.

1. Submit Application

Fill out and submit the online application.

2. Pay Application Fee

After your application is complete you will pay a $50 fee.

3. Supplemental Items

You may be required to submit transcripts or other documentation.

Checking Your Application Status

At any time you can login your admissions account and check your applications status. We will email you if we are still waiting on you to submit documents such as transcripts or test scores.


Residency Requirements

Residency Calculator

Residents of Utah pay a different tuition rate than nonresidents. Generally speaking, if you have lived in Utah for the last 12 months and graduated from a Utah high school, you will be considered a resident for tuition purposes. It can get a bit more complicated than that so use our residecy calculator below or read our residency policy to see the details about how to apply as a Utah resident. Please note, this tool is not an official way to determine residency. If you need something official, apply or contact us.

Official Residency Policy

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