Earned Admission


We Want You at USU

Not only do we want to welcome you to Utah State, we also want to help you succeed as an Aggie. We offer a self-paced online course to ensure you’re prepared for academic life at USU. Because your success is our mission.

What Is Earned Admission

If your high school GPA is below the 2.8 traditional admission standard, our Earned Admission path can help you qualify for admission to Utah State.

With our Earned Admission path, you complete an online, self-paced student success class prior to attending USU. This course typically takes 70 hours to complete. The tuition is $125 per month and can be started at any time and completed at your own pace. The course is designed to help you develop the necessary skills to be successful at USU. Upon completion of the course, you will be admitted in good standing to a four-year program at USU. You will also earn three transfer credits that will be added to your USU transcript.

The student success course must be completed with a passing grade by the deadline for the semester you plan to enroll at USU. If you are not able to complete the class by the completion deadline, you can request to move your admission to the next available term. Please plan accordingly and begin as soon as possible.

Also, you do not need to complete the student success course before you register for your regular USU classes, do orientation, apply for FAFSA, or sign up for housing (if needed). These steps can be done while you are in the process of completing the student success course.

What Is Earned Admission

If your high school GPA is below the traditional 2.8 admission standard, our Earned Admission pathway can help you qualify for admission to Utah State. Learn more.

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Your Path to USU

After you apply, we’ll send you an offer to let you know which of our courses will best prepare you for your first year at Utah State. That way you can prepare for Aggie life while you save money and earn three credits. 

  • College CreditYou will earn college transfer credit for the student success class you take, but only pay $125 a month rather than full tuition. Our self-paced student success course gets you ready for a full schedule at Utah State, and you get the same credits as if you take USU 1730 during the semester (valued at $1,200).
  • USU Class Registration — You will be able to complete orientation and register for USU classes on time, with your class.
  • Student Life — You can sign up for housing, if you’d like, so you’re ready to start the semester and experience Aggie life. Make sure to sign up early to get a spot. (See the housing FAQ for more information.)

Prep for Success

Success isn’t one-size-fits all, so neither are our Success Prep courses for Earned Admission. Our self-paced student success course gets you ready for a full schedule at Utah State, and you get the same credits as if you take USU 1730 during the semester (valued at $1,200), you can save while you study. Plus, you’ll have access to optional English and math prep classes to set you up for success.

USU 1730 prepares you for the challenges of higher education, but here, you get to set your own pace. You will be introduced to various strategies for learning and other skills that are often overlooked when planning for college. You will conduct self-assessments to become familiar with the styles of learning that best suit you. You will become proficient in time management, listening and reading skills, writing techniques, public speaking, memory abilities, and test-taking strategies. You will also explore the following topics: decision making, choosing a major, problem-solving techniques, diversity issues, technology and computer skills, relationship building, managing your finances, remaining healthy, and designing a career portfolio. All of these skills will provide you with the tools necessary to be successful in today's college environment. 

Developmental Writing examines the fundamental process, theories, and methods that enhance a student's overall writing ability, and introduces strategies for writing within multiple disciplines and professions. You will draft and revise sentences, paragraphs, and essays, with the aim of achieving effective college-level writing skills. You will learn how to improve sentence structure and clarity using grammar, punctuation, and word choice. The course introduces proper research techniques, and various writing genres, including narration, as well as exploring the concepts of cause and effect, compare and contrast, definition, and argumentation.

Introductory Algebra guides the student through topics that teach the basics of algebra. Using real-life scenarios, the course puts difficult concepts into understandable terms. After an introductory algebra review, lessons focus on the basic functions of algebra and include math vocabulary and notation, operations with numbers, fractions, decimals, percentages, and quadratic equations. Students also learn to read and interpret graphs.

Here to Help

Your online Success Prep courses come with tools to support your success.

  •   Progress Checklist: Advance at your own pace and track your progress
  •   Live Support: Schedule appointments in the platform for assistance
  •   Student Success Library: Access videos and articles for coursework support

Terms and Conditions

Please note that by accepting this Earned Admission path you are agreeing to the following:

  • I understand that retaining my admission to the university is contingent on my completing the student success course by the deadline. The student success course is provided by a third party, StraighterLine, and I am not officially a Utah State University student until I begin my first semester.
  • I understand that I need to enroll in and begin the student success course by the posted deadline for the semester I wish to enroll.
  • I understand that my USU courses will be dropped if I do not pass the student success course by the deadline for the semester I wish to enroll.
  • I understand that I can work with USU to change my admission offer to the next available semester if needed. 
  • I understand that I am responsible to cancel my StraighterLine subscription after I’ve completed my student success course.
  • I understand that I should only complete the sign-up process for housing if I feel confident that I can complete the student success course prior to the deadline for the semester.

Program FAQ

The Earned Admission path is for students with below a 2.8 high school GPA. In addition, students must meet the following eligibility requirements
  • Be a Domestic U.S. Student. (International Students are currently not eligible for this path.) 
  • Be an incoming first-time freshman or a transfer student with less than 24 post high school credits. (Transfer and returning students are not currently eligible for this path.) 
  • Have applied for Admission to USU within the past year. (Please apply at
  • Have received a formal offer from the Admissions Office to participate in the Earned Admission path. (While lower high school grades will not disqualify a student from being considered for the Earned Admission path, applicants are still required to demonstrate that they meet all non-academic university admissions requirements such as meeting the university’s English proficiency requirement and demonstrating that they can behaviorally be a good citizen at USU.) 

Most students can complete the student success course in 70 hours. Many students will choose to complete the optional English and math prep courses as well. All are included in the $125 per month enrollment fee, and you will have excellent online support and resources. 

Federal financial aid is only available once you are admitted and “matriculated,” or enrolled at USU; so you won’t be able to use it to pay for the student success course enrollment fee. We absolutely recommend you complete the FAFSA as you prepare for your starting semester at USU. There is no need to wait to pass the student success course before you complete the FAFSA. It can be completed as early as October 1 of the year prior to when you start classes. 

No. You will take the student success course prior to being fully admitted and enrolled at Utah State University, so you are not considered to be an enrolled (or matriculated) student while you take this course. You are allowed to prepare for your intended starting semester, right along with your fellow classmates, by registering for classes. You may also choose to sign up for either on-campus or off-campus housing if you feel confident you can complete the course on time (see housing FAQ for more information). Please note that you will be unenrolled from classes if you don’t complete the student success course by the deadline for a given semester, and you will be responsible for any housing contracts that you sign.

USU ID cards are given to incoming students during the orientation process, so some students participating in the student success course may receive their card during orientation as they prepare for their first semester at USU. However, ID cards are not activated and cannot be used to access USU services unless the student is enrolled in classes during a given semester. Being in the student success course is not considered being enrolled or matriculated at USU.

No. Since these are preparatory courses they do not articulate and transfer to USU. They are not required for admission to USU, however, they are excellent courses to ensure you are ready for college-level math and English once you begin at USU. 

Since you are not an enrolled student at Utah State University until you successfully complete the student success course and begin your starting semester, you are not able to live in on-campus housing or use various student services that are available to enrolled students while you are taking your online student success course. However, your $125 per month enrollment fee for the online student success program entitles you to fantastic online support through that program, including a progress checklist, live support, and a student success library including videos and articles to help you pass your class.

If you need a little more time to complete your course, you can request to have your admission moved to the following semester. If applicable, you will be unenrolled from classes. Please note that you should consider the likelihood of your completing the course by the deadline prior to signing any housing contracts (see housing FAQ).

Yes! You will be admitted in good standing to a four-year program upon completion of the student success course. Once you begin classes you will be like any other student at the university. It is important to note that all students enrolled at USU follow the same “academic standing policies, which state that if your institutional GPA falls below a 2.0 the university will provide extra support and accountability during subsequent semesters. If your GPA remains below a 2.0, you may ultimately be suspended from the university so you can take time to reassess your educational plans and needs. 

The Earned Admission path is for first-time freshmen students. It is typically NOT available for transfer students and returning USU students, although exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis as determined by the Admission Committee. Prior approval from the Admissions Office is required of all participates. 

You will first need to accept your Earned Admission offer by logging in to the application portal at and clicking “decision history” in your application and selecting “accept.” After you accept your offer, you will be sent an email containing the Earned Admission registration website. Select “Start Now” or “Enroll Now” button from the home page to register or the “Log In” button on the top right to log in. To start or enroll, you can begin your courses immediately.

You will need to login to the Earned Admission registration website and request that a transcript be sent. The transfer request will be reviewed to verify you have completed and successfully passed the student success course. Once verified and approved, a copy of your transcript is sent to the Utah State University Admissions Office. Please be aware it can take a couple weeks for the transcript to be received.

You will need to log in to the Earned Admission registration website and request that your account be deactivated. You will continue to be charged unless you officially cancel the program via this avenue.

Most students can be admitted to their chosen major after completing the Earned Admission path. Some departments such as those within the Huntsman School of Business, Engineering, and Physics, and others have requirements above basic university requirements. For those majors, you will be placed in Undeclared/Exploratory and can work with an advisor to discuss admission requirements and work toward possible admission to your desired major at a later time.

This program is 100% online and mobile-friendly to allow access to the program from anywhere. Courses are student-paced, meaning you are able to make progress based on your ability and schedule. You control the speed and when you complete. While you can complete the course at your own pace, keep the deadlines in mind to avoid delaying the semester when you will be officially admitted. 

Housing FAQ

You can begin the student success course right away. It is a self-paced course, so if you feel more comfortable starting the course or completing it prior to securing housing, you can do that. If on-campus housing is full, you can add yourself to a notification list. If a bed space opens up, you will be notified and you can accept or reject the space.

Some off-campus apartments may have availability close to the start of the semester, and you can also buy a contract from another student (make sure the landlord or apartment manager is aware of and approves of the transaction). 

Students participating in the Earned Admission path are allowed to reserve a spot in on-campus housing for the semester they plan to begin at USU, however, no rooms are reserved specifically for this program.  All housing is booked on a first-come, first-served basis, so we encourage students to complete the housing sign-up process early if they feel confident they can complete the student success course by the deadline for the semester. 

On-campus housing deposits are non-refundable after May 1 for fall semester and December 15 for spring semester. If you cancel your housing contract prior to these dates, it is refundable. If you cancel after these dates, the deposit is not refundable. You can contact the housing office to discuss deferring your housing contract from fall to spring semester (this is not available from spring to fall semester). 

Off-campus housing is not affiliated with the university, and most landlords and apartment complexes enforce contracts regardless of whether a student is enrolled in classes. In some cases, students can sell their contract to another student prior to the start of the semester. If you plan to buy or sell a contract, always make sure the landlord or apartment manager is aware of and approves of the transaction.

Contact Information

For more information, please contact the Admission Office at 435-797-1079 or