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We Want You at USU

If you are an incoming freshman and did not meet the criteria for admission to Utah State, you can still be admitted to USU in good standing by successfully completing three self-paced online courses in English, math, and study skills through our StraighterLine partnership. You do not pay university tuition or earn college credit for the courses; they are intended to develop the necessary skills in these subjects in order to be successful at USU. StraighterLine courses are $125 per month, and passing three classes will earn you admission to Utah State University. 

What to Expect

Your online courses will help you develop skills in the following areas:

  • English: Developmental Writing examines the fundamental process, theories, and methods that enhance a student's overall writing ability, and introduces strategies for writing within multiple disciplines and professions. You will draft and revise sentences, paragraphs, and essays, with the aim of achieving effective college-level writing skills. You will learn how to improve sentence structure and clarity using grammar, punctuation, and word choice. The course introduces proper research techniques, and various writing genres, including narration, as well as exploring the concepts of cause and effect, compare and contrast, definition, and argumentation.
  • Math: College Algebra/ Introductory Algebra guides the student through topics that teach the basics of algebra. Using real-life scenarios, the course puts difficult concepts into understandable terms. After an introductory algebra review, lessons focus on the basic functions of algebra and include math vocabulary and notation, operations with numbers, fractions, decimals, percentages, and quadratic equations. Students also learn to read and interpret graphs.  
  • Study Skills: This course prepares you for the challenges of higher education. It introduces you to various strategies for learning and other skills that are often overlooked when planning for college. You will conduct self-assessments to become familiar with the styles of learning that best suit you. You will become proficient in time management, listening and reading skills, writing techniques, public speaking, memory abilities, and test-taking strategies. You will also explore the following topics: decision making, choosing a major, problem-solving techniques, diversity issues, technology and computer skills, relationship building, managing your finances, remaining healthy, and designing a career portfolio. All of these skills will provide you with the tools necessary to be successful in today's college environment.

Here to Help

Our courses come with tools to support your success.

  •   Progress Checklist: Advance at your own pace and track your progress
  •   Live Support: Schedule appointments in the platform for assistance
  •   Student Success Library: Access videos and articles for coursework support

Registration Now Open

For registration information and to learn if you qualify, email your name and birthdate to USU Admissions at Some restrictions apply.

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