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The University Honors Program is committed to helping students develop a deep sense of belonging at USU. The program’s mission is to support a community of highly motivated students, and our goal is to recognize and develop the potential of all students to become true agents of change. Honors gives students the opportunity to practice respectful and effective communication in our discussion-oriented classes and reading groups, which focus on a variety of topics related to global citizenship, collaborative problem-solving, and other challenges of our time. Students put learning into practice by working directly with faculty on research and creative projects, with alumni and internship supervisors on professional engagement, and with community mentors on local and global humanitarian projects. The program emphasizes mindset over grades and seeks students who demonstrate resilience, open-mindedness, passionate curiosity, and community engagement. Honors offers a supportive and welcoming learning environment for all students, and we recruit and admit students across USU's statewide system. The University Honors Program has served 664 total students in the past year and has committed to establishing both mentoring support and dedicated scholarships to increase access and improve retention for all. USU Honors is proud to welcome and support past, present, and future Aggies who embrace the poet Horace's ancient challenge: "Sapere aude"– or “Dare to Know.”

Access and retention are key strategic goals of the University Honors Program.

2021-2024 USU Honors Strategic Plan

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