Forms List

Listed here are many of the more common forms students may need to turn into the Registrar's Office for various reasons with links to additional information about when to use the form. Common forms for staff are listed elsewhere.

University policies related to the usage of these forms and their functions will be followed as outlined in the
Form Name Purpose
Registration Options For registration functions that can't be completed by the student in Banner.
Petition to Waive Surcharge Petition for a waiver if excessive credits are necessary for the completion of the student's program of study.
Petition for Late Add Petition to register for a course after 20% of the completion of the course.
Petition for a Refund Petition for a refund after drop deadlines have passed.
Petition for an Academic Record Adjustment Petition for a change to a students transcript, such as grade adjustment.
Student Fee Waiver For USU staff and spouses who wish to waive their student fees for a specific semester.
Visiting Scholar Student Fee Authorization Request the application of specific student body fees and authorize payment from departmental resources. Use this form when providing access to Visiting Students or Scholars.
Change of Matriculation In order to change your major/program of study, please contact the advisor of the incomming program.
Diploma Replacement Order a replacement diploma
Split Form (2nd Bachelor) Request permission to take Second Bachelor's or Graduate Degree courses, while within 30 credit hours of completing the First Bachelor's Degree.
Supplement to Graduation Application Change the courses listed on an already approved and processed Application for Candidacy for Graduation.
Transfer Split Form (2nd Bachelor) If a student is taking courses at another university and will complete their 1st bachelors there, but at the same time, take USU courses, that will not count in their 1st bachelor's degree, please fill out this form and have the other university’s graduation office sign and stamp, with the school seal, stating these courses will not be used toward that degree.
Change of Personal Information This form is to be used to change a student's personal information (name, legal sex, birthdate, SSN) in the student information system. Other information can be updated at Once you are completed with this form, you may securely upload it securely through Box.
Petition for Academic Renewal Petition to removed old credits from transcript.
Official Transcript Request Request official transcript(s) for student pickup or to have official transcript(s) sent to specified destinations.
One-Time Release of Directory (Public) Information Allow a one-time exception to release directory information that is currently blocked.
Parent Declaration of Student Dependency To approve the disclosure of personally identifiable information concerning the student’s educational record to the individual(s) listed on this form.
Prior School Repeated Courses Request to retake courses completed at a different institution.
Privacy of Directory (Public) Information Block the release of directory information.
Record of Special Examination Request to take a special examination to meet a course's requirements on a student's records.
Repeated Courses Request to repeat a course at USU that is not normally repeatable for credit.
Student Information Release Authorization Grant permission to USU to release specific student records information to a specific third party who would otherwise not have access to the specified records.
W-9S Used to provide the student's social security number (SSN) for 1098-T preparation.
Transfer Credit Recommendation Request for evaluation of transfer credit coursework by the Registrar's Office.
Location Update (Zip Code) Used to update a ZIP code. Please enter the ZIP code where you reside or ZIP code of the USU campus closest to where you reside during the semester.
Verification of Enrollement Verify dates of attendance and earned degrees to employers and background screening firms (alternative to online verification).
Spouse Pass Semester Access Request  Request a spouse pass for a semester.