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Academic Success Model

Academic Success Model

Academic success requires interaction between essential college study strategies and self-management behaviors. Take Test is the core of our model since success in most classes is significantly influenced by exam performance. Test success requires that you study smart and begin Day One of each class devoting attention, time, and effort to each component of this model.

Read this great article, Underachievement Among College Students, so you can see why the Academic Success model will help you avoid academic difficulties that new college students often experience. Review the Study Smart Starter Kit diagram and articles below.

Study Smart Starter Kit

Study Smart Starter Kit overview
Original concept by Penny Findlay; adaptations and graphics by Debi Jensen

Subject-specific Study Resources

These resources are just a few of the many subject-specific study resources that are available online. Some of these Web sites were recommended by our Supplemental Instruction (SI) leaders, who have used them successfully in their SI study sessions. Ensure that you also use any online resources that came with your textbook and that are provided by your professor.

Though placement exam preparation resources are provided at the bottom of the page, contact USU Testing Services (within Career Services) for more information: (435) 797-1004, University Inn ground level Room 102.

Graduate Admissions/Entrance Exams & Praxis Pre-professional Skills Tests