Record a Zoom Meeting

To start a recording during a Zoom meeting, click the Record button on the bottom of the screen.

It will ask you if you want to record on the computer or record on the Cloud. Recording on the computer will save an MP4 file on your computer while saving on the Cloud will send it to your Canvas account and your account at Saving to the Cloud is the preferred method for easy sharing.

Once the recording has started, you have the option to pause or stop the recording from the button at the bottom. The recording will be generated after the meeting ends.

Note: Cloud recordings are only available for 180 days. However, all Zoom recordings are backed up into your My Media account on Canvas.

Record a Breakout Room

Instructors may assign students to record their breakout groups. In order to record, you have to have the Zoom application installed on your computer and your instructor will need to designate you as a co-host. To start the recording, click the Record icon at the bottom of the Zoom call and choose Record to the Cloud. The recording will capture whichever breakout room you are in. Remember to stop the recording using the same button once you’re finished.

Record a Group Presentation

If a group presentation needs recorded, create a meeting and share the meeting link with your group members. Make sure to decide which layout you would like your recording in and make the necessary setting adjustments before starting the call.


Go to


Sign in with your A number and password when prompted


Click on Meetings on the left


Select Schedule a Meeting in the top right


Fill out the required fields and click Save


Click on the Copy Invitation button to the right of the join link and send it to the other students in your group

Once everyone has joined the Zoom call, click on the Record button in the call and select Record to the cloud.

Share a Recording

All cloud recordings are available in My Media on Canvas. However, the easiest way to access and share your recordings is via the Zoom website. In order to find and share your recordings, follow these instructions: 


Select the Recordings tab on the left hand side


Click on the title of the recording you want to access


Select Copy shareable link and send that URL to the people you would like to have access to it