Submit Your Videos for Captioning with 3Play Media

3Play Media is an online transcription service that can be used to easily caption your videos. It connects to your YouTube account, which allows it to upload the captions directly to existing videos. Contact us to get setup with an account and take advantage of our USU discounted pricing.

Once you have an account, below are directions on how to order captioning services with 3Play Media:

Steps to Caption a Video in 3Play


Login to 3Play Media

Begin by logging into 3Play Media here. If you don't have a 3Play login, reach out to .


Click “Order Services".

This is located in the top left-hand corner of the screen:

3Play Media page with an arrow pointing to "Order Services".


Select “Transcription and Captioning

Under the "Choose Main Service" section select "Transcription and Captioning":

Red box around "Transcription and Captioning" option, indicating that it should be selected.


Select Turnaround Service Level

Once you select Transcription & Captioning, you will have the chance to select the language and Service Level. The service level determines how soon you need the captions returned (quicker turnaround = higher cost). The "Extended" option is the most cost-effective and recommended when possible. 

Multiple service levels showing the date it will be completed.
If you have any helpful information such as speaker names or other details, you can add that information to the "Add Order Instructions" to help make the captions more accurate.


Skip Optional Services

This page offers optional services that we generally do not recommend. Click "Next".


Add or Upload Files

Before adding your media files, select the folder for the Index folder you would like to charge the costs to. You can also add a new Index number if needed:

interface of where to store files

Once you have set the folder, you can select your media files. Most of the time this will be through YouTube which offers a round-trip integration to automatically add the caption files back to your videos when they are complete. However, you can also request captions for media from a link or your desktop:
Links indicate four locations where you can select vides from: your computer, links, YouTube, or Kaltura.

Clicking any of these options will This will open a box where you can search for and select one or multiple videos. When the desired videos are selected, click “Add Files.” This will close the window. Click “Next” to continue.

Note: For YouTube videos, there will sometimes be more than one channel listed in the left-side panel of the window. Make sure the correct channel is selected before searching for your videos. 


Review the total cost to caption the selected videos.

Take a moment to make sure you selected the correct videos. If you would like to remove videos from the list, click “Back” and click the small red ‘x’ next to the appropriate videos.


If the list of uploaded videos looks correct, click “Submit.”

The videos are now submitted for captioning and will automatically be added to your YouTube videos when complete. You can also setup your 3Play Media notifications to receive an email when the captioning process is complete.

Additional 3Play Media Helps

Can I cancel a caption request that has already been submitted to 3Play?

There is a limited window of time in which you can cancel a captioning job after it has been submitted. The cancel option is only available while the video is in the “pre-processing” stage which lasts roughly as long as the duration of the video. See the Cancel a File from Uploading documentation for additional steps.

There may be a possibility to cancel an order after that for a reduced fee of $.25 per minute if they have not worked on it yet. Contact 3Play directly using the Contact > Customer Support link within 3Play to cancel an order after the preprocessing stage.