PopeTech Web Accessibility Tool

Introduction to Pope Tech

All websites at Utah State University are regularly scanned for accessibilty problems in a tool called Pope Tech. These Pope Tech reports are available to anyone who works on a website and can help you find and fix accessibility issues to make your content more accessible and inclusive for everyone!

The Accessibility Services group on campus will take care of adding websites and making sure they are scanned correctly. The reports can then be accessed within the tool or sent to you via email to stay up to date on making sure your content is accessible and inclusive.

Pope Tech logo.

Getting Started with Pope Tech

To get started with Pope Tech simply contact us with your A number and the URL(s) of the websites you are responsible for. We will create an account for you that will send you a welcome email. You can then login in using USU email.

Logging In
From the Pope Tech login page, enter your USU email address.

Select "SSO" as your Login Mode to login with your USU credentials: 

Pope Tech login page with "SSO" selected as the Login Mode.
Reviewing Your Site Accessibility Data

Once you are logged in, there is a lot of information to review - feel free to reach out to schedule some time that we can go over it with you. Or if you prefer, there is documentation on how to drill down into the dashboard data

Once you have made changes to your site, you can rescan your site to see the improvement or reach out to us for help rescanning. We love to see those errors go down as you make improvements!
A Pope Tech line graph showing website errors decreasing to zero over time.

Additional Features

  1. Pope Tech allows you to set up and email reports for yourself or your supervisor so they can see the great work you are doing. 
  2. The Pope Tech reports should represent a good sample of pages from your site, but let us know if there are pages that should be added or removed.
  3. Additional users can be added to view your reports - we can even set it up so that content contributors who don't have access to the template only see errors from the content area.
  4. Of note, Pope Tech was developed in Logan, Utah based on the Wave tool developed by WebAIM at Utah State University.