USU Employee Giving

Impacting the lives of USU students, faculty, staff and the community

As employees of Utah State University, you play a crucial role at USU by demonstrating an extraordinary spirit of community when you participate in the USU Employee Giving Campaign. Every donation, whatever the amount, impacts someone's life in a very meaningful way.

Your passion can become a reality

As faculty and staff of Utah State University, you are one of our most valuable resources. You are the backbone of the research, the teaching, the discovery, and the future of the USU. Employee giving is an important part of development, and by contributing to USU Employee Giving Campaign, your passion can become reality.

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to making charitable contributions. When you choose to donate to the University you not only invest in the future, you send a powerful message about our commitment to excellence. Your generous donations help build buildings, provide scholarships, help the community, increase learning opportunities, and provide the necessary resources to research and teach at a higher level.

The best part about the USU employee giving campaign is that everyone can make an impact. It doesn’t matter if you can give $5 or $500 dollars, when we all come together for a cause, we can do great things.

Signing up for payroll deduction is simple—just fill out the form. You can choose the amount to be deducted from each paycheck or you can set a total amount.

No matter what area you choose to support, you are furthering everything that makes USU and its community an exceptional education to believe in.


A Little Goes a Long Way

USU Computer Science Professor Vicki Allan says that teaching at USU is the best job in the world and credits all of the amazing students at the university.

“Creating scholarships to encourage students to pursue an education is such a great use of money and it brings me a lot of joy. The students are working so hard and often go into debt.”

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Vicki Allan