USU Emeriti and Retired Employees Association

Membership to USU Emeriti and Retired Employees Association is available to all retired USU faculty and staff. For information regarding Emeritus Faculty status which is granted through the Provost's Office, please click here.

Membership in our organization serves several purposes, mainly to

  1. Assist students in their academic endeavors with our scholarship support.
  2. Retain and enhance our USU ties and friendships via the monthly social gatherings.
  3. Offer various campus benefits.

Our nominal annual dues of $20/couple, $15/single help to support our sophomore Emeriti and Retired Employees Association scholarship. Memberships run from July 1 to June 30 of each year. The Emeriti and Retired Employees Association Council (which is chosen by members' recommendations) plans the monthly programs, menus for meals, and venues. Costs involved are reflected as nominally as possible in the charge for each program.

Additionally, members of the Emeriti and Retired Employees Association are accorded benefits as prescribed by the University code and other personnel directives, which include, but are not limited to, free campus parking in non-gated areas, bookstore discounts, library privileges, recreation privileges, and benefits for on-campus and extension classes.

The office staff of the USU Alumni Association notifies dues-paying members of the Emeriti and Retired Employees Association of all upcoming events. This also benefits those who do not continue to live in Logan after retirement, enabling them to keep in touch with academic activities such as scholarship support and plan visits in connection with events of interest.

USU Emeriti & Retired Employees Association
7500 Old Main Hill
Logan, UT 84322-7500

Executive Council

Name Position
Dr. Tom Lee President
Bob & Sally Wood President Elect
Nancy Van Kampen Membership Chair
Sally Peterson Membership Committee
Shannon Johnson Membership Committee
Hal Potter Past President/Treasurer
Michael Freeman Member-at-Large
Kimberly Larson Executive Director, USU Alumni Association
Mary Leavitt - Chair Scholarship Committee Chair
Kathy Bayn Scholarship Committee
Jim Gass Scholarship Committee
Dr. Sarah Rule-Salzberg Scholarship Committee

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