Emeritus Faculty Benefits, Policies, and Procedures

As retirees, emeritus faculty members are valued members of our campus community. USU offers continued benefits, support, and services to these faculty members which are listed below.

Emeritus Benefits at a Glance

  1. Retention and continued use of current usu.edu email account.
  2. Access to your USU Box account (box.usu.edu) can be continued on an as-requested basis. If you desire to maintain or re-enable access to your Box account, please email Michele Hillard at michele.hillard@usu.edu
  3. Continued Bluezone, Eduroam, and VPN network access.
  4. Reduced tuition registration for retired employees, their spouses, and dependent children in classes offered by the University as outlined in the University's Educational Benefits Policy.
  5. Free Access to the University Libraries, including off-campus electronic access, circulating privileges, and other building facilities for personal study and research.
  6. Free Access to Campus Recreation facilities (HPER and Fieldhouse), and the Health and Wellness Center.
  7. Free Parking Pass for designated campus parking lots. Visit department of Parking and Transportation Services.
  8. IT Service support. Call 435-797-4357.
  9. Campus Store 10% discount with I.D. card.
  10. Aggie Express and Meal Plan privileges.
  11. Eligibility to join USU Emeriti Association. To join call the USU Alumni Association at (435) 797-2055 or visit http://www.usu.edu/alumni/alumni_resources/emeriti_join.

Associated USU Policies

401.6 Emeritus Faculty
At the time of retirement and upon recommendation of the president and the approval of the Board of Trustees, faculty members may be awarded the honorary rank of Emeritus preceding their final academic rank.

361.4 Privileges and Benefits of Retired Employees
In addition to the specific financial benefits associated with each of the retirement programs, the following general privileges and benefits are available to all retired Utah State University employees.

  1. Reduced tuition registration for retired employees, their spouses, and dependent children in classes offered by the University as outlined in the University's Educational Benefits Policy #350.
  2. Access to the University libraries and building facilities for personal study and research.
  3. Access to USU’s Employee Wellness program.

361.3.1 Retirement Status
An individual employee is considered to have official University retirement status when the employee discontinues regular employment as a faculty or staff employee of the University, and is:

  • at least age 56 with a combined age and years of service that equals 75 or greater; or
  • any age, with at least 30 years of service with the University; or
  • age 62 with at least 10 years of service with the University; or
  • age 65 or greater with at least 4 years of continuous service with the University.


  1. Faculty member initiates Application for Emeritus Status form at time of retirement.
  2. Form is signed by faculty member, department head, dean or vice president, and sent to Megan Coster in the Provost’s Office for rank and retirement verification and facilitation of provost’s signature.
  3. President will review, approve and send letter notifying faculty member that this request has been approved. Copies will be sent to: department head; dean; provost; Alumni Relations; and Parking and Transportation.
  4. Provost’s Office designates emeritus status in Banner's faculty tracking system. The academic department is responsible for the EPAF associated with the emeritus appointment.
  5. USU I.D. cards will be sufficient for maintaining campus benefits. However, emeritus I.D. cards will be available at the USU Card Office for a $5 fee when exchanging existing I.D. card.
  6. For procedures regarding all other emeritus benefits, please contact the above mentioned offices listed under Benefits at a Glance.

Listing of Emeritus Faculty

A current listing of Emeritus Faculty is provided bi-annually in January and July.


For more information on emeritus faculty, please contact:

Michele Hillard
Staff Assistant
Phone: (435) 797-0120
Email: michele.hillard@usu.edu