Brand Standards: Off-Campus Housing Guidelines

The guidelines below outline how off-campus housing entities can properly interact with the university brand to advertise their off-campus housing.

Utah State University’s trademarks include — but are not limited to — names, taglines, seals, logos, school colors, and other indicia that are representative of the university. Trademarks may only be used with permission from University Marketing & Communications, Trademark Licensing.

Important Notice about use of Trademarks & Logos

No department, division, group, or entity, outside of Utah State’s General Counsel office, Trademark Licensing office, and Aggie Sports Properties, can give any third-party rights to use Utah State’s marks in any way.

Off-campus housing parties are not permitted to use logos for any purpose without prior written permission and a license for use, please contact the University Marketing & Communications, Trademark Licensing Director, Heidi Adams at or 435-797-0587. 

Use of Factual Statements

Ensure you are using factual statements when referring to or advertising for your off-campus housing unit. See Examples below.

  • Housing near Utah State University
  • Off-campus housing for USU Students
  • Student housing located a half-mile from Utah State
  • Etc.

Image Use

Use actual images of your housing unit. Do not use images of campus or campus housing. Use of such images can cause marketplace confusion, resulting in consumers believing that off-campus housing is Utah State University housing.

Logo and Trademark Use

Off-campus housing units do not have permission to use Utah State University trademarks except in factual statements.

They are not permitted to use logos for any purpose without prior written permission and a license for use.

Do not use the following university brand components.

  • Brand colors — Aggie Blue (navy) in conjunction with white or gray.
  • Campus Housing
  • Utah State University Housing
  • USU Housing
  • Utah State Housing
  • Aggie Housing
  • Aggie(s)
  • Or any of the logos below

     university logos             university wordmarks


    u State.                Block A.           old main tower.          presidential seal              athletics bull