Hosting an Internship

Internships give students the opportunity to gain valuable applied experience and make connections in professional fields they are considering for career paths. It also gives employers the opportunity to guide and evaluate talent. By providing these applied experiences, employers can help USU students get academic credit (if approved) and gain meaningful professional relations. Post a job to hire an Aggie Intern today! 

Internship Types
  • Field Work
  • Practicum
  • Research Assistant
  • Service Learning
  • Student Teaching
  • Volunteer
  • Clinical
  • Co-Op Education
  • Fellowship
Interns Add Value & Provide
  • Assistance with projects and fresh ideas on how to approach problems
  • Ability to screen and work with potential entry-level employees, prior to making a full-time employment commitment
  • Increased brand visibility and product knowledge for your organization at USU
  • A training program and talent pipeline for future full-time professionals within your organization
  • Management experience and leadership skills growth for your entry-level employees
Internship Length
  • Typically, internships last 12-14 weeks and run on the same timeline as academic semesters:
    • Fall (Late August - Early December)
    • Spring (Early January - Late April)
    • Summer (Mid-May - Early August)
  • Internship employers typically recognize University Holidays, Breaks and Closures, allowing the Student Intern to put studies first

Internship Contacts  

Joseph Banks

Joseph Banks

Assistant Director, Career Design Specialist - Humanities and Social Sciences, Arts

Career Design Center

Phone: (435) 797-1748