Faculty Consultation

You can schedule a consultation to meet with your instructional designer for a variety of reasons. Often, the consultation will focus on a teaching practice or technology that you are interested in implementing or learning more about. The more specific you are about your needs when you schedule your consultation, the more prepared your instructional designer will be when you meet. There is no limit to the number of consultations you can schedule, and your designer is always happy to meet with you.


Your instructional designer can help you develop or redevelop your syllabus, increase interaction and engagement in your course, create a more intuitive structure for you Canvas site, or implement a new technology or teaching practice. We can also help you develop surveys to gather feedback from your students and we can review your courses both before and after an implemented change to document teaching improvements. If you have a question about teaching that you can’t find an answer to, please schedule a time to meet and we’ll do everything we can to help.


Check out our page on Teaching Tips, https://www.usu.edu/teach/help-topics/teaching-tips/index, to see some of the things we can help with.


Ready to meet with your Instructional Designer? Use the Instructional Designers by College page to find the Instructional Designer who works with other faculty from your department. Or, click the “Schedule Appointment” button to find the next available appointment. Make sure and include additional information about the topic/question you’d like to discuss at your consultation in the box provided on the reservation page.

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