Interfolio Case Setup: Candidate Instructions

The following steps address how to add files to your case in Interfolio. Much of the text in this section is adopted from the Interfolio help guides at

Add Files To Your Case Packet

You can access your case at any time by going to (or and logging in with your A-number and password.

After opening your case packet, click the Edit button next to a section you want to add files to

Click the Edit button for any section to begin adding files.


Click the Add button next to the category of document you wish to add

Click the add button to add a file.


To add a new file from your computer, click the Add New File tab

  1. Click the Browse to Upload button to select a file from your computer
Click Browse to Upload files from your computer.

Note that you can choose files you have already uploaded from the Choose Existing tab. After your first file has been uploaded, the choose existing tab will be the first to appear every time you go to add a file to your case. Switch to the Add New File tab to browse your computer for a file you haven't already uploaded.

Upload your files and click Add

Click the Add button to add the new file.


The new file appears in your case under the section you added it to

At first, it appears in gray text with a spinning icon next to it

This indicates that it is being converted for viewing in the Interfolio reader.

A spinning icon appears next to the file while it is converting.


When the file is done converting, it will appear as a blue link (Give it several minutes to convert)

The file link appears blue once it is converted.

You don’t have to wait for the file to finish converting to continue adding new files. You can leave the page to do something else and it will continue converting.

For videos, click the Video tab to add a link to a YouTube or Vimeo URL to your packet

(For more information on adding media, see the Adding Media tutorial)

Click the video tab to add a youtube or vimeo video.


Select the Webpage tab to include a link to a webpage in your packet

Do not include webpages as primary evidence, but only as supplemental resources

Make sure to add a title and description to provide context for your link

Click the Webpage tab to add a link to a webpage.


If you need to edit or replace a document or item, click the edit link or the remove link

Click Edit or Remove to modify or delete a file.


You can edit the title of the file or click Replace to choose a new file to replace it

Edit the title or replace the file.

Additional Help Resources

If you have additional questions or need further assistance, you may look to one or more of the following resources: