Partner Organizations

The organizations and agencies CAS trainees have partnered with for professional internships

Southwest Climate Science Center


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Southwest Biological Science Center


USGS icon

USDA Forest Service

Forest service logo

Utah Office of Tourism


UT Office of Tourism icon

Upper Colorado River Commission

Upper Colorado River Commission icon

Butterfly Pavilion


Butterfly Pavilion icon

Canyonlands Research Center



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National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration/ National Weather Service

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USDA California Climate Hub

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Utah Department of Water Quality

UT Water Quality icon

Salt Lake County Health Department

SLC Health Department icon

Utah Climate Action Network

UT Climate Action Network

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

Utah DNR icon

The Nature Conservancy

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Utah Public Lands Policy Coordinating Office

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Living Lakes Canada



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Friends of the Teton River

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Henry's Fork Foundation

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Utah Outdoor Partners

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Point Blue Conservation Science

Point Blue Conservation Science's logo

USDA's Agricultural Research Service

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Rocky Mountain Research Station

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Cooperative Extension System & eXtension Foundation

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Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute



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International Arctic Research Center

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Alaska Climate Adaptation Science Center

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Los Alamos National Lab



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National Park Service

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Logan City's Environmental Department

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