I. University Inn and Conference Center (Preferred Solution)

For details, services and pricing associated with an event on or off campus, please speak to an Conference Event Management specialist by calling (435) 797-0423 or visit the University Inn and Conference Center website.

II. EventBrite

EventBrite is a third-party event management and marketing tool that allows departments to create an event, add images and branding, hosts an enrollment page, and provides online enrollment payment process. Events must be for USU purposes only and funds should be deposited directly into a USU Banner index.

  • Set-up Pricing: $0.00
  • Merchant Fees: based on method of collecting payments and disbursement option
  • Event Fee: based on % of sales, set-up options, sale volume, and ticketing configuration
  • Event Reimbursement Configuration: accounts must be created with a USU name, not personal accounts and must:
    1. Be tied to a USU PayPal account - this option is recommended for short time events and limited refunds
    2. Created with a check reimbursement option associated with USU Tax ID - this is recommended for long time enrollment events, such as a conference registration and cancellation options.
  • PayPal Fee (optional): if a USU PayPal account is connected to event, there will be an event fee from EventBrite and a fee of $1.9% + $.30 per transaction
  • Timeframe for Creation: dependent on you
  • Timeframe for receiving funds: Credit cards are processed within 3 business days and will deposit into your Banner index associated with your PayPal account. Checks will be mailed out within 15 business days after event.


  1. Create an EventBrite account. Account must be somehow associated to USU in the name; no personnel names on account.
  2. Create the event. During the creation of the event, you will be asked asked how you want funds to be returned. If PayPal is selected, input your PayPal Account information. If you prefer to have a check returned, please associate the event to USU's Tax ID number.
  3. Upload content, images for event, and USU logos. Please follow USU's Public Relation and Marketing guidelines when using USU logos and branding.

Contact for questions

  1. USU Card Office (John Bostock)
  2. USU PayPal Admin (Derek Salisbury)