USU Credit Card Machine Rental Program

The University recognizes that some departments/units may only have a temporary need for accepting credit card payments, therefore USU created a Credit Card Rental program where a department or organization can temporarily check out a mobile credit card machine. The USU Card Office offers various machines to meet the temporary needs of campus.

The Rental Program is only for USU sponsored events and all funds must be transfered into a USU Banner Index.

  • Set-up Pricing: $0.00
  • Merchant Fees: 3.5% of amount transacted
  • Rental device options:
    1. First Data 100 Cellular Reader
    2. PayPal Here Tablet
    3. First Data Clover Mini
  • Timeframe for Creation: generally 1 business day. If product tracking is desired, allow 2 business days for set up.
  • Timeframe for receiving funds: The proceeds of the event(s), minus a service fee of 3.5%, will be deposited in the account within 10 business days. A sales report will be sent to you for your records.


Before Event:

  1. Fill out the rental request form, including all required signatures, the Banner index and account code numbers.
  2. Submit the completed form to the USU Card Office via email at, fax (435) 797-1652, or walk it into the Card Office (TSC 212).
  3. Reserve the card reader by calling the Card Office (435) 797-3852, or in-person in the Card Office (TSC 212).
  4. All personnel who will be operating the machine must complete the Cash and Credit Card Handling Training.

Day(s) of the Event:

  1. Pick up the credit card machine from the USU Card Office on the reserved day and time. If your reserved day is on a weekend, you must pick up the machine on Friday before 5:00 PM prior to the event.
  2. The machine will be in a bag with instructions, extra receipt tape, and power cord.
  3. Proceed with your event using the mobile credit card machine. If you have an issue, refer to trouble shooting instructions in bag. If you need additional help, please call the USU Card Office at (435) 797-3852.
  4. After all daily transactions have been entered, perform the batch out process found on the instruction sheet. This will send all transaction to settlement so that payments are processed. Until batching is done, all transactions will stay pending and the bank will not process the payments.
  5. Place daily transaction receipts and batch receipt in the provided accounting envelope.
  6. If an event lasts for more than one day, store machine in a locked environment. The device battery may need to be recharged; however, please do not leave it plugged in overnight. Charge for 2 hours maximum.

After the Event:

Return to the USU Card Office (TSC 212). When returning, please do the following items:

  1. Be courteous of others using the machine and return the machine in a timely manner.
  2. Have all receipts and batch settlement(s) in the provided envelope(s).
  3. Please ensure that everything that was in the bag when you picked it up is returned, including the instructions.
  4. For multiple recurrences of checking out device and this is the last time, please check the appropriate box on the envelope. Your money will not be transferred to your department until this is completed.

Contact for questions

  1. USU Card Office: (435) 797-3852 or
  2. USU Card Office Manager (John Bostock)