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About This Degree

The Air Force ROTC program at USU is a non-degree program that typically takes four years to complete. The program provides coursework and training for students wishing to become officers in the United States Air Force. The program helps students develop an understanding of the mission and global responsibilities of the United States Air Force. In addition, opportunities exist to apply the principles of leadership, human relations, and management to practical situations.

What You Will Learn

Coursework is focused on helping students develop leadership skills, officership, professionalism, military bearing, and managerial theories. The general coursework in the first two years of the program is open to all interested students. There is no military commitment for these students unless they are on an Air Force ROTC scholarship. Students who do continue must complete a summer training course at an Air Force base during the summer between their sophomore and junior years. After this they can apply for the Professional Officer Courses which are taken in their last two years of study.

Students pursuing the ROTC program complete a major in any area of their choosing and will graduate with a degree in their major and with a minor in aerospace studies. Students will graduate with the rank of Second Lieutenant and then pursue their careers as Air Force officers in a variety of areas.

Career And Outcomes

Career Opportunities

When a student graduates from USU as an Air Force ROTC Cadet, they earn the rank of Second Lieutenant. They will then serve as an active duty officer in the United States Air Force, which includes a wide variety of career paths. The aerospace studies program provides career counseling to all students within the program.

The Career and Design Center provides counseling and information on hundreds of job and internship opportunities and even helps students apply and interview.



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Admission Requirements

Students pursuing the ROTC program complete a major in any area of their choosing and will graduate with their major and with a minor in aerospace studies. Since certain majors have admissions requirements in addition to USU's general admissions requirements, students should check with their individual department for details.

Program Requirements

The typical four-year program is comprised of two categories:

  • General Military Course: The GMC is comprised of freshman and sophomore students and allows students to “try out” Air Force ROTC without incurring any obligation, unless on an Air Force ROTC scholarship. Students learn more about the Air Force and the historical development of airpower. If students desire to continue in the program, they proceed to the Professional Officer Course.
  • Professional Officer Course: Students entering the POC face a selection process during the spring semester of their sophomore year. The selection committee looks at the following qualitative factors: cumulative GPA, aptitude test scores, physical fitness test score, and unit commander’s evaluation. Once selected, students attend a field training program at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama. Upon successfully completing field training, students enter the POC, which is comprised of junior and senior students. Students then focus primarily on leadership skills and national defense policy. They are also given leadership responsibilities as they run the cadet wing.

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