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About This Degree

USU’s landscape architecture program is the 13th oldest landscape architecture program in the United States and is accredited by the American Society of Landscape Architects.

Landscape architecture is the design of built and natural spaces to achieve environmental, socio-behavioral, and aesthetic outcomes.

What You Will Learn

The Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree is a studio-based course of study, meaning students receive an immense amount of hands-on learning in the design studio.

The curriculum covers both theoretical and applied knowledge and prepare students to analyze the ways people interact with the world around them, and how natural environments interact with built environments.

This degree provides the creative and technical skills needed to design and protect the spaces that define communities, such as parks, campuses, streetscapes, and plazas. Students benefit from hands-on learning and work experience with real clients. Outstanding faculty members combine their teaching, research, and professional knowledge with exceptional experience to prepare future landscape architects for exciting and successful careers. Professors plan yearly trips focused on providing students with opportunities to connect with landscape architecture professionals from across the country and around the world. These connections are valuable students establish themselves as a successful landscape architect.

Landscape architects find career opportunities in city planning, urban redevelopment, park planning, public garden design and may work for government agencies, companies, or design firms.


BLA: Logan (Main Campus)

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Description Landscape Architecture

Career And Outcomes

Career Opportunities

With a degree in landscape architecture, you will be qualified for the following careers:

  • Licensed landscape architect
  • Environmental planner
  • Design associate
  • Project manager
  • Business/firm owner, principal
  • Garden design
  • Environmental restoration
  • Federal employment with US Forest Service, National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, and others
  • Visual/scenic landscape analyst
  • Transportation planner
  • Community planning and residential design
  • Land development
  • State park design
  • Design campgrounds and trail systems
  • Golf course architect
  • Work in consultation with civil engineering or architecture firms
  • Design of resorts and theme parks
  • Design green roofs/rooftop gardens
  • Historic preservation
  • Sustainability coordinator
  • University campus planner/landscape architect
  • Protection of endangered species through habitat preservation
  • Assist with the survey of archeology sites
  • Promote forest sustainability in domestic and tropical forests
  • Extension landscape architect
  • Stormwater manager
  • Virtual media design (graphic design, designing virtual landscapes for computer games)
  • Academic positions in landscape architecture and horticulture programs
  • Artist or sculptor
  • Gardener or grower of nursery stock
  • Nursery operator

Job Outlook


Deandra Harps

Office: AGRS 417
Phone: 435-797-9245

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Admission Requirements

In addition to Utah State University’s admissions requirements, the landscape architecture program has additional requirements:

  • Freshman: New freshmen admitted to USU in good standing may declare landscape architecture as their major and enroll in lower-division LAEP courses.
  • Transfer Students: Transfer students from other institutions and students transferring from other USU majors need a 2.5 total GPA for admission to this major in good standing.

International students have additional admissions requirements.

At the end of the sophomore year, a matriculation process will determine which students will continue in the BLA program. Up to 30 students may be matriculated into the upper division of the BLA program. Please see for more information.

Program Requirements

Students must complete a travel study component. The student may choose to go on a faculty-sponsored field study, a traditional study abroad experience in an accredited program, or choose an individual travel option. For more information, visit

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