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About This Certificate

The certificate program in medieval and early modern studies is focused on providing students with an interdisciplinary education on the history and culture of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

Students gain a depth of study in these time periods that helps them understand and interpret the history and culture of the medieval and early modern periods, which in turn, helps them understand the modern world.

What You Will Learn

Students pursuing this certificate take classes in several areas, including literature, history, art history, philosophy, and more. Courses cover topics such as the history of Christianity, Shakespeare, medieval art and architecture, medieval philosophy, the culture and history of medieval and early modern Europe, and more.


At a Glance

College: College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Department: History Department

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Program Requirements

Career And Outcomes

Career Opportunities

This certificate is complementary to several majors, including English, history, religious studies, art history, and more. Career options available to students depend on their individual major The communication, research, and analytical skills acquired through this rigorous program make students competitive candidates for graduate programs in various areas.


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Admission Requirements

Students admitted to Utah State University in good standing qualify to complete this certificate in conjunction with their chosen major.

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