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Undergraduate Degrees

Animal and Dairy Science

Study all aspects of animal science, from livestock management to reproductive research and cloning, including hands-on experiences in feeding, breeding, handling, and managing various livestock, like cows, horses, and sheep.

Food Science

Feed your mind, body, and soul as you learn how engineering, biology, and physical science processes integrate with nutrition with the goal of producing and distributing affordable, safe, and nutritious food in the world’s largest industry.

Nutrition Science

This degree provides students with a solid background in health and life sciences as you study how nutrition supports physical performance, so you’re prepared for further study at medical school or to work in sports and athletics.

Agricultural Systems Technology

Gain an understanding of agriculture, biology, and physical sciences while you become an expert in the management, use, and troubleshooting of agricultural technology in the only agricultural systems technology program in the state.

Biological Engineering

Explore fundamental knowledge and conduct world-changing research — at a top undergraduate research institution — that combines science and engineering to solve problems that affect medicine, food, the environment, and more.


Customize your biology degree - through multiple disciplines like ecological and evolutionary biology, human biology, cellular or molecular biology, or a flexible biology emphasis including biotechnology, microbiology, virology, and more.


Study the financing, marketing, and management of food production in the only agribusiness program in the state. This major provides an in-depth look into the finances, management, marketing, and international practices of agriculture.

Agricultural Systems Technology: Agribusiness (Agricultural Systems Technology)

Receive in-depth, technical education in agricultural economics and business management to become managers in the ag industry.

Economics: Business Economics

Gain exposure to accounting and management principles as well as finance within a business setting.

Economics: Econometrics and Data Analysis

Gain econometric modeling skills and be exposed to cutting-edge analytical tools.


Gain valuable understanding of economic theories and best practices as you learn how to think critically, solve problems, work with numbers, and more as you prepare for various careers in business and policy analysis, or graduate school.

Environmental Engineering

Take the opportunity to solve real-world problems through research that can benefit human lives and improve the environment, as well as gaining valuable hands-on experience in the field with professors and internships with experts.

Economics: Financial Economics

Prepares yourself for quantitative careers in the field of finance – or for various graduate programs.

Mechanical Engineering

Learn to design and create mechanical systems and machines that function in nearly every area of industry as you gain hands-on experience in national student competitions and work with clients to create real-world designs.

Plant Science

From research to learning the best hands-on applications of plant production, this is the only agriculturally focused plant science program in the state, plus you’ll be able to work in laboratories, greenhouses, and fields one-on-one with experts.

Economics: Quantitative Economic History

Prepare yourself for quantitative careers in business, finance, data science, and policy evaluation or for post-graduate education.