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Undergraduate Degrees

Mechanical Engineering: Aerospace Engineering

Learn to design, develop, and test air and spacecraft systems in a department that is top in the nation for research funding in aerospace engineering.

Biological Engineering

Explore fundamental knowledge and conduct world-changing research — at a top undergraduate research institution — that combines science and engineering to solve problems that affect medicine, food, the environment, and more.


Study chemical processes in living organisms by working with the structures and functions of cellular components, whether you focus more on the biological life sciences or you prefer the mathematical components of science-engineering.


Customize your biology degree - through multiple disciplines like ecological and evolutionary biology, human biology, cellular or molecular biology, or a flexible biology emphasis including biotechnology, microbiology, virology, and more.

Mechanical Engineering

Learn to design and create mechanical systems and machines that function in nearly every area of industry as you gain hands-on experience in national student competitions and work with clients to create real-world designs.

Nutrition Science

This degree provides students with a solid background in health and life sciences as you study how nutrition supports physical performance, so you’re prepared for further study at medical school or to work in sports and athletics.

Plant Science

From research to learning the best hands-on applications of plant production, this is the only agriculturally focused plant science program in the state, plus you’ll be able to work in laboratories, greenhouses, and fields one-on-one with experts.


Master the study of chemistry — matter, its properties, and interactions — complete with opportunities to conduct undergraduate research in chemistry with experts in the field as you prepare for graduate school or careers in research.