USU Facilities

Our Vision

To pursue excellence in all facilities-related roles.

Our Mission

Facilities serves Utah State University by providing an environment for education, innovative learning, and its application in the worldwide community.

Our Core Values


Communicate to foster understanding, don't assume, and always check to ensure.


The presence of self-respect, worth, and honor. Respect everyone for his or her contribution and value.


Be ethical and trustworthy, honor your commitments, be consistent and honest in dealing with others, and live within the letter and spirit of the Facilities vision and mission.


Sustained passion and commitment to a proactive, shared vision and its achievement.


Decision-making is a value that encompasses a wide range of perspectives and holds the integrity of the entire organization above that of any individual department. Our commitment is to have shared values throughout our organization. Therefore, decisions become consistent through continuous improvement and feedback cycles.

Facilities News and Events

Please join us for the upcoming ribbon-cutting ceremony for the newly completed EVR Blue Sky Solar Array project, which will provide power for the USTAR, Bio-Molecular, and EVR buildings.

Date and time TBD

USU Construction Areas

Constuction Map 5.7.20

Outages & Shut-Downs

Outage and shutdown information is updated as it becomes available.

May 9 through May 16, 2021

All Logan Campus Occupants:

This is a reminder that in a few short weeks the annual USU steam shut down will occur for maintenance purposes at the Central Energy Plant for the distribution pipework system. This shutdown will occur, between Sunday, May 9 thru Sunday May 16, 2021.

During this time, there will be NO Central Campus Steam for processes including water heating, showers, cooking ,building heat, etc.

May 10 to May 21, 2021
HPER Occupants:

Beginning 7:00 AM Monday, May 10th all HVAC and Fire Alarm systems will be shut down inside the HPER Building. This shutdown is required to complete a demolition and asbestos abatement of  HPER Room 114. This shutdown will affect all air movement systems (heating & cooling) as well as all Fire Alarms within the building. This project will be completed by May 21, 2021 at 4:00 PM.