USU Facilities Customer Service & Key Office

Facilities is a large department that services and maintains all Utah State University owned buildings and properties. Customer Service serves as the communication, dispatch, and information center for the USU Facilities department. These people are a dedicated team that assists the USU community with work order requests, key and access card requests, as well as information for Facilities related projects. Issues dealing with building infrastructure, heating or cooling, roof leaks, custodial, moving request, etc. may be called and coordinated into the listed numbers, or by submitting a work order request.

If you have any questions about what Facilities takes care of, please call us with your questions.

Key & Access Requests

The Facilities Customer Service is also the USU Key & Access office. We process all key and access card requests for Utah State University buildings. The Key Office follows all of the guidelines outlined in Utah State University Access Control Policy 520 

If you are needing access within your departmental space, please speak with your department Access Coordinator and/or a department head to begin the request process. The USU Facilities Key Office is not permitted to issue keys or access cards without a request from the department. 

Re-key Requests

There are times that a department may request their spaces to be re-keyed due to loss of safety to their spaces (lost keys) or because the department has moved into a new space across USU. Re-key requests must be approved by a Department Head and Dean of the College by filling out and signing the door re-key request form. All requests are paid for by the department requesting the work. Once you have filled out the form, please e-mail to A Customer Service team member will submit a work order for our lock shop. Our locksmiths will work with you on how you would like your spaces keyed, and provide you a time frame on when work will be completed. 

Rekey Form

Work Order Requests

When placing a work order request, Facilities technicians will make needed repairs in buildings or spaces that you have identified. Repairs are limited to restoring what has malfunctioned back to its original condition. This does also include minor alteration requests such as white board installation, additional electrical outlets needed, moving requests, doorstop installation, etc.   
If you are needing to make larger modifications, equipment upgrades, facility improvements or a request that needs additional coordination, please do not fill out a Work Order Request. Please fill out a Facility Modification Request listed on the Facilities Ready Request home page.

If you are not sure if the repair you need is a maintenance item or if you will be billed for work to be done in your building, please contact Facilities Customer Service at (435) 797-3535 

Work Order Request

Facility Modification Requests

Proposed modifications, alterations, upgrades, and building improvements are to be placed using the Facility Modification button on our Ready Request home page. 
Examples of building modifications include, but are not limited to, change of space usage (taking a large space and transforming into multiple smaller spaces), removal of walls, addition of windows, walls, or doors, installation of large equipment, renovations/upgrades your space 

Project requests will be reviewed by the appropriate Facilities projects teams. If approved, design work and proper estimates will be compiled to ensure compliance with building codes and university standards for construction. Modifications, upgrades, or facility improvements to buildings at Utah State University is not permitted without proper approvals from Facilities Projects teams. Projects are coordinated with appropriate departments as needed (USU Fire Marshall, Space Committee, Information Technology, etc.) 

 If you are unsure if your request is a Facility Modification Request or a Work Order Request, please contact Facilities Customer Service at (435) 797-3535 prior to submitting your request

Facilities Modification

Interior Sign Request

The university has a standardized sign system for all permanent signs used on the interior of buildings. This is to increase uniformity, assist in way finding, and meet the mandates of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

To request a new sign, please fill out a Interior Signage Request Form. Once filled out, please email the form to Facilties Customer Service will create a work order request for the Facilities sign technician to preform the work. You will receive a confirmation email once the request has been submitted. The facilities signage shop will manufacture and install the signs and coordinate with you as needed. New sign locations and content are subject to USU Sign Committee review

Signage Request Form

Banner Pole Advertisements

USU Facilities maintains and installs artwork that may be hung from banner poles throughout the Logan Campus. 
To submit your request, please read through Facilities terms of agreement listed to reserve your pole today

Banner Pole Reservation


Customer Service

Physical Address:
Facilities (FCLT) 104
1295 E 700 N
Logan, UT 84322-6600

(435) 797-1947
(435) 797-3535
(435) 797-3710

If there is an emergency in your building please call 911 or
USU Dispatch at (435) 797-1939