USU Snow Removal

Priority Snow Removal at USU

Once again, snow season is upon USU. As in previous years, the USU Facilities department will make every effort to remove snow and ice from building entrances, sidewalks, parking lots, and intra campus roadways during and after a snow storm. Snow removal crews will be called to respond to snow accumulating to one half inch or more on the sidewalks and two and half inches or more on parking lots. During a heavy snow event, our goal is to provide at least one route of safe access to each building on campus. These routes may be found on the Snow Removal Map 2019, and for Innovation Campus IC Snow Routes 2020.

We will call in our crews to respond to snow events as they occur and work until the snow routes are cleared and safe. We realize that the routes listed on the priority map may not be the route that you normally take. However, as the storm eases, we will then proceed in clearing the rest of the sidewalks so you can once again use your normal route. Keep in mind that there are some walkways that will remain closed during the winter due to safety concerns. We ask that you find an alternative route in these situations. These areas are posted with signage denoting their closure.

We have made some improvements to our snow removal process for this year. They include using a regularly scheduled weekend crew to address weekend storms and ice issues. We have also scheduled snow crews to be on campus during evening hours to maintain the priority snow removal routes and facilitate snow removal for evening campus events.

Please report any snow or ice issues to Facilities Customer Service at (435) 797-1947 or (435) 797-3535; Monday-Friday between 8:00am-4:30pm. For off-hours snow and ice concerns, please contact the USU Police at (435) 797-1939.

Snow Removal Map 2019
Innovation Campus IC Snow Routes 2020