USU Snow Removal

Priority Snow Removal at USU

Roadways & Parking Lots
Facilities Equipment crews are dispatched during overnight storms beginning at 12:00 AM when there is 1" or more.
These crews work through the night to remove snow from roadways and parking lots until they are completely
cleared/end of the storm. Salt brine and magnesium chloride is applied to minimize slick spots and build up of ice in these
areas. During the snowy months we do ask to please park closer to other vehicles so we may clear parking lots as best as

Sidewalks & Building Entryways
Facilities Landscapers and Maintenance Technicians are dispatched during overnight storms and are on site beginning at
4:00 AM when snow accumulates above 1". These crews will clear all main sidewalks according to the Snow Removal
Priority map (located on the Facilities Website These crews continue to remove snow until the
storm has stopped. They also continue laying down salt brine and/or magnesium chloride mixtures to minimize slick spots
and build up of ice on walkways.

Heavy Snow Storms and Early Morning Storms
When early morning storms occur (after 3 AM), Facilities crews begin clearing snow as soon as possible. This means that
the primary walks, roads and parking lots will not be cleared as quickly due to the time and number of pedestrians and
motorists using the walks, roads, and parking lots. During heavy storms Facilities crews make every effort to clear and
maintain at least 1 entrance to each building, and clear walkways that are designated as main priority. Facilities will
remove snow from the remaining sidewalks and entrances as the storm permits, until all building entrances and major
sidewalks are clear of snow.

Safety Precautions
Safe access for pedestrians and motorists is the greatest concern during snow removal. Students, staff, & faculty should be aware of equipment as the walk and drive around campus. Sidewalk crews will pull to the side and stop work during class break times to
protect pedestrians on the walks. During other times, they will be moving slowly as the walks are cleared. The campus community can help with safety and snow removal by watching for equipment & stepping to the side to allow for more efficient operations. Take reasonable precautions to protect yourself when on campus. Be careful when entering and exiting vehicles & buildings, and walk carefully when conditions warrant it.

Please report any snow or ice issues to Facilities Customer Service at (435) 797-1947 or (435) 797-3535;
Monday-Friday between 8:00am-4:30pm
For off-hours snow and ice concerns, please contact the USU Police at (435) 797-1939.