Energy Management


Create, promote, maintain, and operate an environmentally responsible campus-built environment that will minimize energy and water consumption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and promote the development and use of renewable energy sources.

Utilities Energy Manager
Zac Cook
(435) 797-7048

Energy Efficiency
  • Planned, secured funding for, and upgraded 85% of the lighting to LED at USU Campuses across the state with the goal of having all lighting LED by the close of 2021
  • Improving the operation of an efficiency fo campus HVAC systems
  • Annual Energy Wars Competition
  • Steam trap testing and maintenance programs at the Logan and USU Eastern (Price) campuses)

  • All buildings over 3,000 square feet have all utilities serving the building individually metered
  • Metering data is used to analyze and track building performance and uploaded to Energy Stars Portfolio Manager to benchmark peformance against other buildings on campus and similar buildings at other institutions
Utility Data

Renewable Energy
  • Through various funding sources, USU has expanded its renewable energy resources
  • Continued pursuit of additional funding opportunities and avenutes to advance the University's access to renewable energy through self-owned projects and power purchase agreements (PPA) and a combination of on and off-site locations

Get Involved
The USU community is invited to get involved with our energy management efforts in a variety of ways:

Energy Metering Data
You can access USU energy metering data at the Energy Metering website. Please note that to access that site you will need to either (1) be on campus and connected to the USU Bluezone or Eduroam connection or (2) be connected through the VPN.