Landscape Operations and Maintenance

LOAM provides an aesthetically pleasing, efficiently maintainable, diverse landscape to attract the best students, faculty, and staff to USU.

During winter months, LOAM provides snow removal for the main sidewalks on central campus, and sidewalks, parking lots and roads at Innovation Campus. Equipment Operators provide maintenance for utilities, roads, and parking lots on central campus.

Also, they provide construction excavation for projects being built by Facilities. During winter months, they provide snow removal for central campus roads and parking lots. Welders provide metal fabrication services for Facilities' projects and other campus projects when requested. They assist the Equipment Operators in winter months with snow removal.

USU Campus Watering Explained

USU Facilities continually strives to meet the needs of the campus community and to use resources responsibly. People on campus may have questions about USU’s watering practices. Find answers to these frequently asked questions here:

What is USU doing to conserve water?

USU landscape operations and maintenance shop has installed an increasing number of water-efficient landscapes. The rock garden north of the Living Learning Community is a newer example. Conversely, the native plant garden across from the library has been in place for years. All new buildings are Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver or above, which includes indoor and outdoor water conservation. The Life Science Building, which received Gold certification, reduced landscape water by over 50% compared to the baseline by using more shrubs and less turf. Center for Clinical Excellence, also Gold certified, uses drip irrigation to reduce the water required for the landscape by 90%. Though drip irrigation does not work well with the particulates in canal water, it is a possibility for some areas using potable water for irrigation. More rainwater gardens are also planned to go in over the next five years.

Furthermore, USU’s computerized weather tracking system adjusts for local rainfall. USU also has a phased drought response plan that addresses abnormally dry (phase 1) to exceptional drought (phase 5) situations.

Where can I report malfunctioning equipment?

If you notice the sprinkler system malfunctioning, contact Facilities Customer Service at 435-797-1947 or

Director of Utilities & LOAM

Daniel Ferris 
(435) 797-9500 Office 

LOAM Manager

  Priority Snow Removal